Interview With Dam 999 Movie Director Sohan Roy

Sohan Roy, the very special Directed who made his appearance in the film industry through the well known, “DAM 999”, which reached our hearts even before its release. Here are the words he shared with us.

  • Sir, DAM 999 is a movie which is much awaited by the audience. What do u except to be the audience’s response?

Well, as DAM 999 got an entirely different theme and much surprises, I do except the audience to take it whole heartedly. As the movie will provide the audience with so much sense I hope the movie to be universally accepted. Society is always waiting for something different, and I think DAM999 will satisfy their expectations.

  • Any history behind the number “999”?

The numerical 999 has got great importance in the British Colonial Indian Historical pages. As my movie, is all about a Dam which was built by Britains, the number got its own importance.

  • Can we get a brief of “DAM 999”?

The story is all about a dam built 100 years back, by British during their Colonial days in India. Like a Dam, each character got its own space in the movie, kind of personification, and as the Dam collapses the characters too breaks heading the audience towards a crucial climax. Its all about India’s old myth and science.The movie is inspired by the tragic Banqiao dam disaster in 1975. Further details, the movie will reveal.

  • What is the reason that made you select the foreign language?

As we all know, English is a Universal language and its accepted all through, even in between Malayali audience now a days. Moreover, the movie technicians are mainly foreigners, who have done it to the perfection. As the sources are mainly abroad I thought  its implication will be more effective if its in the foreign language.

  • What are the specialties of your “DAM 999”?

Dam 999 is a main highlight of unseen beauty of marine world. The movie is noticed through 9 different angles which specifies the 9 rasas or Navarasas of Natyashastra. Its a voyage through the nine seas of lost love. Having exotic locations, the movie is a complete visual treat. The movie will take the audience to some unheard pages of history.

  • When can we expect the much awaited release?

Hopefully, November 26th.

  • What is your next project?

Well, its Saint Dracula a 3D movie which will excite the audience to the core which expected to release next March.

  • Can we expect any project in Malayalam?

No one can predict future, so with God’s grace, Malayali audienc can also expect different threads.

Thank you Sir, for honouring us with your valuable time.

All the very best wishes for DAM 999, from kerala9 team.

Interview by : Akhila Nair
Indian Webcasting Media
October 24th, 2011

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