Kava – a luxurious feast for eyes


“Kava” is a rather unpopular destination in Kerala, at least for outsiders. However, the nearest location point – “Malampuzha Dam” is undoubtedly one of the busiest tourist spots in Kerala. Actually, “Kava” can be considered as a part of the Malampuzha reservoir.

With only local tribes residing in surrounding places, you would find the journey through “Kava” an extremely enjoyable one, especially if you belong to the category of lone adventurous travelers, since the chances for meeting wild animals are abundant there. And you could also taste the pure honey collected by the tribes. Honestly saying, “Kava” is a place to visit in a life time, especially during Monsoon seasons. Because, this is the starting point of Malampuzha lake and during monsoon times, you could see what is exactly meant by dark clouds – giving the signs of a stormy rain afterwards. And not to miss those hills of Western Ghats….! With rain preceding those dark cloudy figures from behind those peaks, no one can believe that you are standing near a virgin forest in Kerala; because, this is such a damn good place to explore rare specious of vegetation as well as birds or butterflies.

But, take for granted…, that it is not at all easy to get something for urgent from there; because, there is not a single shop that you could find in and around Kava. So, the better option is to keep adequate food and water before you enter the region. Besides, why “Kava” still sizzles with its enchanting beauty is because of the non entrance of human beings in large amounts. The main reason behind this is the inadequacy of reaching the place easily. Either by road or by rail, “Kava” is not at all well connected. Yes.., you could catch buses from Malampuzha to “Kava”, but those are only limited to a couple of services. Situated at the Anakkal route form Malampuzha, probably the above said thing is what makes “Kava” an extremely adventurous trip for lone travelers. While the nearest railway station is Palghat, which is about 14 km away from “Kava”, you need to travel around 55 km to reach an airport, which is situated at Coimbatore.

So, it is always recommended that if you plan to visit the beautiful “Malampuzha Dam” whenever, I don’t want you to miss the root to “Kava”, just 6 km away from the dam. Last, but not least – consider consulting local tribes before entering any specific areas – because something unknown awaits you somewhere in “Kava”.