Chandragiri is situated in the banks of Chandragiri River in Kasargode district. The destination has been in history documents since the 17thcentury and the biggest attraction of this place is the fort built in those times. As per the books of eminent historians, Chandragiri was considered as the boundary between Kolathunadu and Tulunadu in ancient times.

“Chandragiri fort” is built with stones and is said to have used more stones than that of in Bekal fort. It has as much as three entrances, while two of them are caves. The total area that the fort and surrounding areas cover touches an approximate figure of nine acres. Apart from the fort, Chandragiri is also famous for its gorgeous sunset views and an elegantly flowing river. Actually the origin of the river of Chandragiri is form Kodagu and it is known as “Payaswini” there. This region is an important cultural place with many geo – political distinctions.

When considering the legacy of the place, Chandragiri boasts a great deal of cultural heritage. Kizhur temple situated nearby conducts an annual festival called “Puttutsavam”. The Sastha temple invites a huge chunk of devotees and is an important pilgrimage centre. Like many other parts of the state, the place of Chandragiri too witnesses an annual boat race conducted by Bekal Resorts Development Corporation. Also you could visit to the nearby islands as well as to the palm groves through the river.

The nearest airport to Chandragiri is at Mangalore which stands at a distance of nearly 72 Km. While the Kasargode Railway station is about 5 Km away, the place is well connected with autos as well as buses.