Green tea; Should Keep in Mind these Tips while having cup of Green Tea


Green tea is characterized by a number of health benefits, but in the wrong way of using of these tea causes more harmful than the good. When green tea is used, antioxidants contain antibiotics to prevent body toxins and protect your body from illness.

Green tea is good for skin also. Let’s see which are right way to drink green tea.

Drinking green tea in empty stomach can cause the body to lose balance, as well as those who drink this more than three times should cut the time because it will be harmful to your body. Green tea includes rich in antioxidants and natural mixtures. But the excessive use of this will damage our body.

Many people drink green tea regularly after eating a meal. Studies have shown that this can lead to indigestion. So drink green tea after thirty or forty minutes after food. When drinking green tea at night, it hardens and stops sleeping.

Avoid drinking of Green Tea with sugar and milk everyday. Green tea can be used with honey or lemon juice. Drinking green tea causes more urine retention. It makes dehydration in our body so it is important to drink lots of water to avoid this problem. If you look at things like this, then you can use the green tea in a healthy way.