Athirapally Waterfalls and Rainforest – A visual treat


Nestled in Trichur district of Kerala, Athirapally waterfalls is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating tourist spots in God’s own country. This water fall is sure to mesmerise the visitors with its picturesque beauty.

Located in the Sholayar forest ranges, this magnificent waterfall, drops from a height of 80 feet and later meets the Chalakudy River. Several parallel streams add beauty to this nature’s miracle. The beauty doubles during monsoons and thus making it a real visual treat. Athirapally waterfalls definitely do justice to its title of ‘Niagara falls of India’.
One needs to walk for about 15 minutes from the entrance to get a spectacular view of the falls and the lovely Sholayar forest. A 15 minute trek from this point, will take one to the bottom of the falls, from where breath taking beauty of this magnificent falls can be experienced. The trek would be a bit tiring for some, but it definitely is worth the pain! Just stand there, with eyes closed and one can enjoy the rhythm of water falling on the rocks and feel water droplets sprinkling on you. The lush, green Sholayar forest range adds beauty to the waterfall. 

Athirapally’s beauty also attracts the camera of movie makers. Athirapally falls can be seen in many hit films including Dil-Se, Ravan and Guru, to name a few. 
In-short, the beauty of Athirapally waterfalls assures you, that you are definitely in ‘God’s own Country’!

Nearby attractions: 
One may also visit the famous Vazhachal waterfalls, located at around 5 kms from here. Vazhachal is a beautiful rushing watercourse in Chalakudy River. 
Charpa waterfall is another nearby attraction. During the monsoons it plunges on to the road. 
In case one fancies spending some time in a theme park, Dream World is an option near Athirapally.

Getting there: 
By road: Nearest town to Athirapally is Chalakudy which is 32 kms away. One can opt for a private vehicle from Chalakudy, which is well connected to all major cities of Kerala by bus. 
By rail: Nearest railway station is Chalakudy railway station (32kms).
By Air: Nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is 40 kms away from Chalakudy.