This is the reason behind twins!


The twin babies are the biggest wish for most couples. Twin babies are born to one of eighty couples. There are a few factors behind twins.

The chance to get twin increases with age increases. However, adolescent causes more problems in childbirth. But the pregnancy after 35 years has the chance to get twins. Racial of a man can cause twins. That is why the possibility that Africans and European have twins than Indian couple.

Food is a key factor in getting twin. Some foods can increase your chance to twins. Sweet potatoes are one of the best remedies, which increases chance conceive double child in women. Yam also increases the reproductive capacity.

Height and weight of the mother other factor twin babies. Large women are more likely to have a double child. The possibility of this is much higher by estimating body mass index. The women conceived several times, possibility to conceive twin baby is the another factor.

Your partner’s food is another important factor. Try to eat food which contain sink in food. Heredity of the couple is a main factor for twins. Also correct ovulation increases the possibility to get twin.