40 crore phone numbers leaked from Facebook


Newyork: 40 million phone numbers have been leaked from Facebook. The news was released by the US media. This was followed by the demand for Mark Zuckerberg’s arrest.

Technology news website TechCrunch reports that 419 million phone numbers have been leaked. An estimated 133 million phone numbers have been leaked from the United States. TechCrunch reported that the information was leaked from a server that contained phone numbers in countries such as Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

Critical security features have been reported on Facebook numerous times. Recently, hackers leaked information such as phone number, email, name and more than 2.9 billion users.1.4 crore users’ birthdate, place of work, education, religious information, the device used, follow-up pages, search history. Hackers also leaked location information. The hackers have obtained the username, phone number and email id of more than 1.5 billion users.