ശനി. ഒക്ട് 16th, 2021

Movie Name : Casanova

Director: Roshan Andrews

Music Director: Gopi Sundar, Gauri, Alphonse Joseph

Cast: Mohanlal,Shriya Saran,Lakshmi Rai,Roma

Story :

Casanovva is a Malayalam film directed by Rosshan Andrrews The film is about Casanovva, a playboy who likes to mingle with girls. Casanova is the owner of Casanovva’s Eternal Spring, an international chain of flower boutiques. He has at his beck and call a faithful array of female followers including his staff, friends and former girlfriends, who will do anything for him. Casanovaa is a man who believes that “love can cure crime”, a man who knows how to respect a lady, a man who runs the most successful flower business in the world. With his penchant for the good life, it is little wonder that four enterprising young criminals decide to use him in their quest for some quick money.

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39 thoughts on “Casanova Malayalam Movie User Review”
  1. Wht a stupid movie…..?Oru muthukkanum kure avalumaarum…..veruthe paisa kalanj ath kaanaan kure perum…..ellaam sahikaam Verrrry goood movie enna review….its Unsahikable…

  2. Padam nammal ithravarsham kathirunna oru result thannilla.but lalettan out standing,super marvellous.malayalathile vere oru nadanum ee role cheyyan sadhikkilla.

  3. Superb…a first of its kind in malayalam. Dont give ur eyes and ears to negative comments which shred out of jealous of other stars’ fans. Let it be any actor’s movie, first we should appreciate these kinds of effort of taking huge budget visual treat in malayalam like tamil and hindi industry rather than being nagging always and shaking ur ass everytime in front of a new venture. The truth is this one gonna be rock new generation malayalam films right from head to toe. Wonderful story and fantastic direction, risky theme but excellent screenplay, marvelous camera and fabulous editing, tremendous and splendid action sequences and what else an ordinary viewer needs. A fantastic visual treat with right amount of all ingredients. Just watch and enjoy!!!

  4. casanova is the most stylish movie ever made in malayalam industry…and critics just fuck off!!…i heard some critics pointing out the unconventional hero stereotype in the film..for those people to know,lemme tell you that there was a man named giacomo casanova who was known as a womanizer…so the hero concept in the film was not just made up..critics,before you criticize something fucking get the facts right..casanova is not meant to be an award film..its just a stylish entertainer.and mohanlal did a great job..he was totally charming….and this film may not come out favorable for normal viewers..those who watch more of hollywood films can surely enjoy this flick!!

  5. Mohanlal is one of the best actors we have seen. Those who hate him can only criticize his physique or age or whatever. Its interesting that even the haters cannot say a word against his acting skills or expressions.So now what do those people have to say about Mohanlal’s looks in this film? Whether you look at Mohanlal in the 80s or now in 2012, there is one thing about Mohanlal. He has no replacement. Amazing Lalism.

  6. dear writer of this review !

    Friend, you have mentioned about your MA, is it your initial or qualification?If qualification, olden is a wrong usage, older is correct.Then sycho, is wrong psycho is correct.This is what has happened to Roshan too, some mistakes here and there.There are positive things about this movie too, you have terminated your review as if, you saw something similar to sarojkumar.My dear friend, you do not like, luxury, you are against it.Take the film as the way it comes, you want to go and cry for two and a half hours?Who wants to cry always man?All the movies are rated like this, you will never have even ten percentage of indian films coming out !People like you, write stupid and trust me, am not a lal fan.am not a mammooty fan too.I love them all, they are of immense capabilities. Am not saying you should like all the movies, but, think about the positive sides also when you pen down reviews, which public read in such sites !


  7. vereyoru paniyum ille ninakkokke..movie ..athinte sencil kandittu..veettil poykoode..ithra kuttam parayaan ninneyonnum aarum nirbandichu..athinteyakthu ketti kaanichathallallo..ithra nerathe kaanunnavar onnenkil lal fans allenkil..kuttam parayaan kerunnavar..i will tell you all..ee pottanmaarude oru vimarsanavum kanakkakkendaa..ee kuttam parayunnavanokke swantham aayittu..ithupole enthenkilum oru kazhivu undo ennu swayam nokkunnathu nallathaa..ennittu..mattullavare kuttam parayoo..sumbanmmaare.
    Dear all go and see after 2-3 days and enjoy the movie ..apozheykkum…ee pottanmarudeyonnum sallyam undaakilla.

  8. movie kollam..good stylish ..and my advise is dont listen other loose peoples comments,they r expressing their some type of jealous of this film..nothing else..

  9. Chithram enna van vijaya film inu shesham malayalam kanda super film some mammotty fans talking casnova is a bad film that is not real. I am not a fan of mohanlal but i like this film

  10. valippan padam, 16 kodi chilavakkiyathu inghanathe oru poli padam edukkanaiyrunno?? Laletta please understand your age and do the roles which will suite for u like pranayam… best of luck in future…

  11. film was good.i always notice some cheap people wanting their money back if they didnt like the movie,if u are so poor then why watch in theatres ?

    And some people keep saying i was expecting a lot..shut the f*** up.who asked u to expect a hollywood film..

  12. It is high time Lal acts of his age and bulk..this role is certainly not cut out for him,may be 20 years down the line, it would have suited him..Cant imagine Roshan otherwise ,a sensible director tries to take a Bollywood movie ..waste of time ,talent and celluloid..

  13. Not expect anything,u wil feel gud.its a stylish film.just go and watch .Lalettan the mass.2nd half slow otherwise super .dialogus.music .fight all are gud gud..


  15. padam kandu..kidilam…..lalettan awesome…..climax kurachum kude nannakkamayirunnu….but overall superb..i will definetly watch it once more

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