The government handed over 1.5 cr for buying a helicopter

Covid 19 kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Government has handed over Rs 1.5 crore to Power Hence company hires a helicopter while it is struggling to find funds for defense operations for the Coronavirus. The amount was withdrawn from the Treasury on Tuesday.

The government, however, said the withdrawal of funds was a natural step and the finance ministry had issued an order in February. The company has signed an agreement with Power Hens for Rs 1.7 crore. The government has now handed over Rs 1.5 crore in advance to the company.

The government has already decided to hire a helicopter for various purposes, including the police. Earlier, there were objections to the helicopter being hired.

But the government has been criticized for its large-scale austerity measures during the coronavirus spreading.

The Salary Challenge and the Salary Cut are planning to overcome the crisis created by Corona.


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