Lowest over rate in the match: Penalty for Sanju


Jaipur: Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju fined Rs 12 lakh for low over rate in the match. Earlier, Rishabh Pant was fined twice for low over rate. This is the first time Rajasthan Royals and Sanju have been fined for low over rates.

This is the first time that the fine has been limited to 12 lakhs. In the match held yesterday, Rajasthan bowled less than one over against Gujarat Titans at the stipulated time. In the nineteenth over bowled by Kuldeep Sen, he bowled two wides and a no ball and had to bowl nine balls. But Sanju would not have been penalized if the last over had started before the allotted time. Rajasthan could only deploy four fielders on the boundary in the final over as they could not complete the over in the allotted time.