The biggest electric SUV is coming;  New concept updated

jeep ev

Can also be used for off-road trips… The makers have introduced Jeep’s largest electric SUV concept with new features.  US automaker Jeep Wagoneer S Trailhawk has introduced a new concept.  Aimed at international markets, this new SUV is not a retailer.

 The Wagoneer S Trailhawk will share mechanical features with the standard Wagoneer S model.  Apart from a 600 bhp power twin motor drivetrain and a 100.5 kW Battypack, the SUV will also come with some other undisclosed features.  Its most important feature is the features to enhance the off-road capability.  It is reported that the changes must also be made in the look.

 Key design features include two tow hooks on both sides of the air dam, a narrow headlamp, anti-scratch claddings below the bumper, and functional air vents that help ensure better performance in high-speed driving and high-pressure areas, unlike the existing Jeep model.