NGK Movie Review

NGK review -

(Spoiler Free)

•Language: TAMIL.
•Genre: Political Action Thriller.
•Duration: 148 Minutes.
•Theatre: JB Cinemas Kollam.
•Status: 50%


1: Story.
2: Performance of actors.
3: Cinematography.
4: Music and Background Score.
5: Editing.
6: Technical Department.

1: Average Direction.
2: Half-baked screenplay.

•ONE WORD: NGK an over dramatic movie which failed miserably to impress.

Nandha Gopal Kumaran an educated young man enters into a political journey that brings about some unparalleled social and political revolution. Rest of the story unfolds his journey with various incidents.


NGK is directed by the notable director Selvaraghavan who is well known for his different style of filmmaking and this time he joins with Suriya to give a political thriller movie.

Along with direction, Selvaraghavan writes the story, screenplay and dialogues. The story written by the director Selvaraghavan was having the right components to set a different political satire but the screenplay resulted out as the main drawback of the film.

The main problem which the film faced was the connection to the next scenes, a proper connectivity issue to implement to the next scenes for giving the real meaning was giving confusions to understand and feel the soul of the plot. So the making of the director failed to draw attention due to his poor writing.

The story of Selvaraghavan was different and fine. The plot was having different hidden games in politics which were great. There are many incidents in the movie which converge from time to time with unexpected twist and turn but the entire story turned uninteresting due to the unworked screenplay.

The screenplay was having the mixup factors of social issues, love, friendship, emotions, parenthood, betrayal etc, but sadly each of these factors was not written effectively and was mediocre to execute to show its intensity. The messages which the movie try to tell was strong and powerful but the effortless screenplay and overdramatic scenes destroyed the entire life of the story. If the director had given more efforts to the screenplay NGK could have been ended as a decent watchable political movie.

The dialogues in the movie were strong and powerful because the conversation between the character was having the soulful momentum. The dialogues in the climax were really attentive because the speech which Suriya express had contrived the viewers to feel the emotion of his words which was a plus factor.

Coming to the songs in the movie the four songs was totally unwanted. I still wonder why did the director Selvaraghavan add the songs Thandalkaaran’, ‘Pothachaalum’, ‘Anbae Peranbe’ and ‘Thimiranumda’, it was really over dramatic and the songs showed the story with its visuals were immature. These songs resulted negatively on viewing experience and concluded as cliche. An authentic presentation can be always seen in Selvaraghavan films but never felt of adding this kind of songs to tell the story. Overall these songs were melodious but couldn’t match for any situations, the director could have been avoided it.

The movie NGK has the casting of Suriya playing the central character Nandha Gopal Kumaran and along Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet Singh, Uma Padmanabhan, Thalaivasal Vijay, Devaraj, Ponavannan, Bala Singh joins with the casting.

Suriya who played the lead protagonist ‘Nanda Gopal Kumaran’ delivered an outstanding performance. The entire characterization of his role had shown the proper quality of an energetic performance. The way he handled the character shows a real authenticity to justify a calibre performance. His energetic dialogue delivery was having the ability to engage the viewers and also the actions and stunts performed by him was absolutely stunning. The fight sequences were top class and thrilling. Moreover, the emotional sequences showed the excellence of true acting. Also, as usual, he had done a fascinating job in the romantic areas of the movie. His combination scenes with both Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet Singh was romantic. All in all, NGK is all about the terrific performance of the actor Suriya which is a big time worth.

Sai Pallavi who did the character ‘Geetha Kumari had given a wonderful performance. Her seriousness in character was genuine and most of the combination scenes with Suriya was impressive. Nakul Preet Singh as Vanathi had also done her best to give a mature performance.

The supporting roles her by Thalaivasal Vijay, Devaraj, Ponavannan and Bala Singh was good and also did total justice to their characters.

The musical work of the movie is composed by the hitmaker Yuvan Shankar Raja. The songs in the movie were impressive and but sadly none of the songs doesn’t match the scenarios. More than the tracks his background score stood up at the top rank.

The song ‘Anbae Peranbe’ sung by Sid Sriram and Shreya Ghosal was romantic with the heart touching lyrics by Uma Devi. The song ‘Pothachaalum’ sung bg Sivam and written by the director Selvaraghavan was aimed for giving a powerful smash to portray the visuals but miserably failed. The BGM tunes of Yuvan Shankar Raja was magnificent to pass the vibe, he had made the right tunes for each and every scene. The song ‘Thandalkaaran’ and ‘Thimiranumda’ was also pretty satisfactory.

The cinematography by Sivakumar Vijayan was incredible due to the fantastic visuals. The camera movements for the action sequences were fabulous. The different angles he placed especially for the night sequences were thrilling. The visuals for the song Anbae Peranabe were amazing to set the romantic feel. The cinematography is one of the major success of the film.

The editing of Praveen.K.L was crisp and sharp which doesn’t give any sort of mismatches and the cutting was at the proper standard. The work of Art Department was imposing with the quality sets. The sets of political parties and their background was really good. The Stunt choreographer had also given superior action and fight sequences which suited according to the style of the actor Suriya.

So overall NGK had given me a totally disappointing experience because of its half baked screenplay and average direction. To conclude NGK can be an ok choice for a one time watch and for the performance of Suriya.

OVERALL: Average.
RATING: 2/5.