Teja Bhai and Family Review

Movie Name: Teja Bhai & Family

Director: Deepu Karunakaran

Produced by :Muralidharan,Santha Murali

Cast:Prithviraj, Akhila, Suraj Venjaramoodu,SalimKumar,Premkumar

Review By : Thanseer M.A


This Onam Prithviraj led the slot of Janapriya Nayakan – Dileep, who regularly does comedy entertainers. Dileep took a back seat while the youth icon pulled his card through the new flick Teja Bhai and Family.

With some exception like Traffic, Apoorva raagam etc every successful Malayalam film has used comedy to tell the story, whether it is Salt and Pepper or Pranchiyettan. The trend continues.


Prithviraj as Teja Bhai is an underworld don in Kuala Lumpur, who falls in love with Vedika. Vedika’s father Damodarji wanted her to marry a man from good family having high social status and no criminal record. To marry Vedika, Teja has to set up a family.  Suraj who arrives as Swamy Vasya Vajas brings some duplicate relatives. The story line is fabricated to make a hit, but some twists and dialogues are unbearable. The film used all the tricks in trade. At some point it seemed like the content of second class comedy films.


Prithviraj looked fabulous. His appearance and style challenges every other young man.  His comedy also has bettered.

Suraj’s numbers were well appreciated. For a film like this which can be considered a high budget, half the cost will be recouped on the tricks of Suraj Venjaranmood himself. Akhila Sasidharan who debuted in Karyasthan paired with the hero. As most commercial films, heroine didn’t have much to do. Salim Kumar, Jagathy Jagatheesh, Kochu Preman, Premkumar, Suman, Ashokan, Indrans, Thalaivasal Vijay, Bindu Panicker, Manju Pillai all enacted their parts well. A former sizzler comes for a single scene.

 Direction and script

This film by Deepu Karunakaran who directed Winter and Crazy Gopalan, is glossy. His frames are picturesque and neat. The film took influence from Chitram and many other films including Basha. The script is Udaya Krishna – Sibi K Thomas stuff. References of other film had bought laughter. Some portion of this star studded film was taken as a Priyadarshan films. Many dialogues are redundant. Apart from the comedy part the film’s story and twists are too infantile. The climax seemed to be never ending and people never watched it as they know what is coming. The Malaysian part is taken well but viewers thought what the buildup was for.

Camera work of Shamdat is apt. Posters are catchy. Songs are ok; ‘Oru Madhurakinavin Lahariyil’ song seems to work well. The film had already pulled enough crowds. Anantha Vision of P K Muralidharan and Shantha Murali, who produced many successful films including Chocolate, Classmates and Robinhood.can continue their wining streak.

This is a festive film which you can take family.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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