Pranayam Malayalam Movie Review

Movie :Pranayam

Cast: Mohanlal, Anupam Kher, Jayaprada, Anoop Menon

Director: Blessy

Music Director: M Jayachandran

Review By : Thanseer M.A


Regret – It may be the greatest pain for a man. Master crafter Blessy took a leaf out from the book of remorse to craft the movie, Pranayam.

Blessy, who made honor with his debut film, had lost ground with Calcutta News and Bramaram. But Pranayam is a film which brings back the maker to the fore and affirms its director as one of the greatest in Malayalam. It is wonderful how Blessy gets these beautiful names for his films, or should it be said, that the beauty starts from the name itself.


On a lighter note Pranayam can be said as a triangular love story of the aged.

Anupam Kher as Achutha Menon finds his divorced wife Gracy (Jaypradha) when he comes to live with his son. Gracy is now the wife of Mathews (Mohanlal) a former professor whose right half is paralyzed with stroke and always in a wheelchair. Achutha Menon has divorced his wife on some misunderstanding which he repents even today.

The meeting of lovers after 40 years drastically changes the life of the three involved. Film travels through the emotional complexities of this woman, her husband and her former husband. Mathews show a tint of envy in beginning, it soon fades away. Gracy is the sun in which these planets revolve.


The film’s second part is about rediscovering the beauty of life and takes us to the exterior. The first part of film is full of interior and is only 1 hour long. This film is a nice romantic movie which has uniqueness.


It is heard that Mohanlal was offered the role of Achutha Menon. After reading the script, Lal wanted to portray Mathews. His decision only made the film better.

This is the first time we see Anupam Kher in a Malayalam film. His representation of character was genuine. Mohanlal as Mathews was wonderful.

Audience couldn’t replace Jayapradha for another actress, that’s how she fared in this film.  Anoop Menon who is usually seen in good movies did well. Dhanya Mary Varghese was pleasing.

 Technical Aspect

The film got the standard of a Bollywood movie. Remarkable work from the cameraman Satheesh Kurup who earlier did Anwar.  Editing by Raja Mohammed is classic. Music by M. Jayachandran is memorable. The locations are picturesque. The second half of the movie is more appealing than the first.
Theatre was not full and people knew what to expect. The only negative which can be told about the film is it is a bit preachy.


The film Pranayam flows from the soul of its maker. Everyone in the audience will have some expectation about the climax. Pranayam is not for the people who are looking only for jolly comedy crackers; this is a soulful film which has a good story to tell. Blessy proved that he is back on track. All who experienced love will get magical moments in this film.

Rating : 3.5 / 5


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