Oru Black and White Kudumbam Review

Producer : M.Mani
Director : Shaiju Anthikkad
Cast : Kalabhavan Mani,Jayasurya,Vinaya Prasad,Bhama etc
Story : Shaiju Anthikkad
Screenplay,dialogues : Chandrashekharan Kavunthara

Rating : 2/5
Review By : Unni / www.Kerala9.com

So, what’s ‘Oru Black and White Kudumbam’- a movie or a farce? A farce of a movie indeed. We have of course had many such movies in the past and hence the makers may feel justified. But for those who go to see the movie and pay their hard earned money, is it all worth it?

‘Oru Black and White Kudumbam’ is about Antony (Kalabhavan Mani), his wife Lakshmi (Vinaya Prasad) and their son Adithya Varma (Jayasurya). Antony, dark in complexion is married to Lakshmi, the heiress to a royal family, who is fair in complexion. Their son Adithya Varma, like his mother, is fair too. And hence the family comes to be known as a ‘Black and White’ family. (Antony of course is occasionally irritated by this too). Anyway, things go wrong for the family when Adhithya Varma gets cheated in a visa scam and loses money and incurs huge debts. The family is in deep financial crisis, but Antony decides to clear things for his family’s sake. Adhithya Varma leaves home and sets out to do something and resolve things. In the meantime, Antony, who finds it impossible to stick on, seeks employment as a driver. But people who know him are not ready to employ him, simply because they know of his liabilities. It’s thus that he goes to another place and manages to get the job of a driver in The Minnus Group of companies, where things are decided by Minnu, the young daughter of the company owner (Laloo Aalex). Antony tells a lie, that he is not married, because he comes to know that Minnus Group doesn’t usually like hiring married people. Very soon, Adhithya Varma too joins the company, as the General Manager. But nobody knows that Antony and Adhithya Varma happen to be father and son. Things take a new turn when Lakshmi comes to town searching her son. She too lands up in the same place and situations take such a turn that she is forced to take up a job in the same household, as a domestic servant. From here, the story takes a rather ‘funny’ (?) turn.


Kalabhavan Mani is his usual self as Antony. Vinaya Prasad makes a comeback as Lakshmi and is OK. Jayasurya too is his usual self and his character offers nothing new or spectacular to him or the viewers. All the others fit into their roles and do their roles in their usual respective styles.

Technical aspects

Nothing much to say about the technical aspects. Cinematography by Jibu Jacob, editing by P.C.Mohanan and art-work by Sajith all happen to be just average.


Background music by Kannan and songs composed by Alex Paul all happen to be quite unimpressive.


The story and the screenplay has nothing new to offer. We get the ‘we’ve seen it all before’ feel when we finish seeing the movie.


On the direction side, the film doesn’t impress us at all. There is nothing worth mentioning about the director’s contribution except that the film is the product of a mind that perhaps is groping in the dark and wants others to do so. Of course if the director had taken better care of things and had executed the subject in a better manner, the film would have been worth a watch. But as of now, nothing much to say about the movie.

Overall verdict- Old wine! Not that tasty, just so so!
Rating- 2/5

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