Malayalam Movie Decent Parties Review

Producer : Vincent Mekkunnel
Director : K.J.Abraham Lincoln
Cast : Jagadeesh,Meera Vasudev,Jagathy etc.
Story : Suresh Krishna
Screenplay,dialogues : Kaloor Dennis

Rating : 1/5
Review by : Unni /

‘Decent Parties’, the fourth film from PRO-turned-director Abraham Lincoln, ends up being totally unimpressive and delivers something that’s not even what we would call ‘a half-baked’ thing.

‘Decent Parties’ is about Sudheendran (Jagadeesh), who runs a photo studio and who concentrated much on video coverage of wedding ceremonies and all and dreams of becoming a cinematographer. He loves in his ancestral family house along with his mother (Zeenath). His brother Sukumaran (Vijayaraghavan) is a deputy Thehsildar and is an honest, outright guy and lives in the same town, along with his wife. Under some rather strange circumstances, Sudheendran happens to marry Sreeja (Meera Vasudev), who loves Sudheendran and stands by him always. In the meantime, Rafeeque (Salim Kumar), who is a production executive in films and who is a close friend of Sudheendran, gets for him the job of an assistant cameraman. But just as he is preparing to make his foray into the world of films, Sudheendran (and Rafeeque as well) come to realize that he (Sudheendran) has a future as a story and script writer. Rafeeque asks him to concentrate on that and promises timely help. Sudheendran gets ready with stories and scripts. And then things go all wrong for Sudheendran when he is cheated by Rafeeque in a very clever manner. Sudheendran finds himself in deep trouble as it’s not just the loss of opportunities, but the loss of money as well.

The story is presented as being narrated to Sunny Joseph (Saikumar), a rich man whom Sudheendran meets in the course of a bus journey from Bangalore to Kerala.

There is nothing much to mention about ‘Decent Parties’, pertaining to any aspect of the film.


Jagadeesh, Meera Vasudev, Salim Kumar, Saikumar and Zeenath are just so so. Mukesh as Mukesh does a cameo and has nothing to do at all. Anyway Vijayaraghavan puts in fairly good performance as Sukumaran, Sudheendran’s elder brother. Jagathy Sreekumar is his usual self. The others- Bijukuttan, Narayanankutty, Machan Varghese etc give us nothing new.

Technical aspects

On the technical side the film is very much unimpressive and misses the mark at all places.


The songs, penned by Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma and Chittoor Gopi and set to tune by debutant Johnson Mangazha are unimpressive and filmed in a poor manner.


The script by Kaloor Dennis, based on story by debutant Suresh Krishna, has nothing new or spectacular to offer to the ordinary film viewer or the film buffs. The climax seems to have been arrived at in a hurried manner and fails to impress us in any way. The scenes are all conceived in a poor manner.


Abraham Lincoln seems to have chosen to direct the movie in a style that is way behind the times. ‘Decent Parties’ seems to be a film made in the early 1980’s with scenes and song sequences betraying this fact. (This comment of course is about the way the scenes are composed and conceived and the songs being shot and not at all intended to offend the makers of the many memorable films that we got in the early 1980’s too). He seems to be confused as to what he is trying to say through the film.

Overall verdict- Nothing to say!
Rating- 1/5

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