Taste Of Kerala Acquires A New Flavour From July 17th


Taste of Kerala, one of Amrita TV’s most highly rated programmes that has tallied over 225 delicious episodes to its credit will undergo a change–over, in both its flavor and ingredients from Sunday, July 17th at 12.30 noon.

Taking over the anchoring reins will be a smart, chic young model from Bangalore, to help bring a fresh, feminine touch that is more in tune with the woman’s domain of cookery show. Roaming the thoroughfares and by lanes on her custom-made bike in search of novel and original tastes, Serah will present time-tested recipes of the unsung ‘chefs’ in ordinary kitchens who concoct gastronomical masterpieces on a daily basis.

Next, Taste of Kerala expands its horizons to bring travelogue within its gambit, so that it becomes a journey of discovery that uncovers not just the cuisine, but also highlights the hotspots and culture of a locality. It travels to remote villages holding fast to its traditions, to faraway hamlets lying off the beaten track and goes on a sight seeing tour, before settling down to enjoy the gourmet dishes of its native housewives. Sometimes it drops in at celebrity kitchens to collect their favourite preparations.

The new avatar of Taste of Kerala launches itself with a celebrity episode involving the cast and crew of the newly released Salt N Pepper, a love story revolving around 2 middle aged foodies who fall for each other when they collaborate to make an 8-layaered pudding. The show joins Mythili, Baburaj, Ashiq Abu etc as Baburaj the reel cook shows off his real life culinary skills, dishing up Kappa and Mutton Ularthiyathu while the others join in the chopping, slicing and sautéing heartily.

Taste of Kerala had transformed cookery shows in Kerala from studio-based chef presentations to home baked recipe series, delivered hot from the hearth. Now, by becoming a travelogue-cookery show, Taste of Kerala literally lives up to its name, so that the viewers can savour the taste, sights , sounds and the very ambience of Kerala.

Smitha Sivaji

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