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Singer K S Chitra’s 8 year old daughter Nandana died in an unfortunate accident at their villa at Emirates Hills,Dubai today morning (14/4/2011).the girl drowned in a swimming pool at their villa and found dead in pool.

According to reports,Chithra had gone to Dubai along with her family to join in A.R. Rahman’s show, to be held in Sharjah Cricket stadium on April 14.The playback singer was staying at the residence of Dileep Rahulan,leading Indian businessman.when Chitra was preparing to leave for the rehearsals from Dileep Rahulan’s villa,they saw the front door of the villa open and Nandana missing.As they searched outside,they found Nanadana in the pool. Suddenly they rushed to Jebel Ali Cedar hospital, but girl was already dead.

Dubai Police has inspected the accident area.The body has been moved from Jebel Ali Cedar Hospital to Embalming Unit Sonapur for possible repatriation to Chennai on Thursday night itself.

But the AR Rahman show happened as per schedule.

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36 thoughts on “Ks chitra daughter died Photos,News,Pictures”
  1. dear chechi

    Chechikku nangalae onnu sahayikkamo najan orupaduperodu enne sahayikkan apeshichu enne ellaperum kyyozhinju manasikamayum saririkamaum orupadu vishamam najan anubhavikunnu entae hus enikkum entae makkalkkum santhosha mullaoru givitham tharilla makkalekaruthi kadumkayyonnum cheyyanum thonnunnilla enikku randu mon anu ullathu hus kudichukonduvannu ennum bhayankara bahalamanu kazhinja onam nagalae santhosha thode ahoshikkan sammathichilla ee onam enkilum santhoshathodae nadannenkil mathiyayirunnu ee aniyathikkum makkalkumm enthenkilum oru sahayam chechi tharumo .my co.no.8943940431 please checi

  2. Hi AmmA I’m you’r big big gig Fan..
    Naa Vazhnthathey ungaloda songs kettu thaan ,Ungaloda songs oonnu kuda na kaykama iruntathu illa .. neinga media la TV la yathula vanthalum padanalum naa miss panna ma papan… ungala vazhtha yannaku age illa but neinga innum periya world record panna kadavul ta vendikeran ..
    unga kids(child) illa nu feel pannathinga nanum unga child ta romba miss pantran kadavuluku karunaiya illa makkala paattala santhosa paduthura ungaluku ippadi feelinga ga kuduthutar… don’t worry amma i’m always you’r child ma yanna unnga pulla yathuku vingala appadi yathukitta athu yannoda punniyam… innum ungala pathi innum neraya sollanum nu thonuthu but still not write ma …
    please continue your singing amma ..

    I love you so much AMMA …

  3. Hi ma,i am one of the biggest fan of u ma.i real feel sorry for nandhana.Don’t be sad.i never forget to super singer.
    From the bottom of my heart i am saying ma i
    have kept u in MY MOTHER POSITION……,pls sing and make all of us HAPPY…,

  4. Chitra Madam,
    I feel really sorry for your baby girl nandana. But be strong! I watch you and Super Singer 3 and am a BIG fan of your music!! As my mom Jayanthi said, please do a performance to raise money for the Children’s Miracle here in the US! 🙂

  5. Hello Chitra Madam, I am a good fan of yours, i just saw about that very sad news, no parents should go thru what you both went through. God will give you strength, such a cute baby Nandana is. Here in US we do marathon for Childrens Miracle Network, where they raise money and it goes to research for children with birth defects. My humble request is that you come and give performance in honor of your baby girl Nandana and raise money this most important research and from that many of them will benefit out of that. Thank you. God bless your heart.

  6. Chitra maa, i knw its z a irreplaceable loss.. nandana has gone nower, she z all in yor memories, heart, in al places yu see, in yor voice and soul… we pray to the Almighty to bestow courage to yor family members to bear the irreplaceable loss.

  7. cheechi njan oru engineering student annu.anniku cheechiyude songs othiri ishtamanu .cheechi vava ella annu karuthi vishamikkaruth plz cheechikkum familikkum ente alla prayum kude kannum.god bless u

  8. hi.chitra amam i feel so sorry for you and your husband looking at your family photos you”ll look so happy reading about you”ll made my heart cry to think of life how happy god made you and your husband the day he give you”ll this beautiful gift and took it back to the place were she belong i no it is not good for you”ll but god knows what is best iwill put you”ll in my prayer every day may lord shiva grant you all your wishes lots of love maliga reddy south africa

  9. Dear Chitra madam,
    i am an ardent fan of your music talent and voice.
    I have been searching for this song, ” maththaa poovu oru pennaa aagaathaa ” which was delivered by your extremely soothing voice in Michel madana kamarajan.
    Even after years of serch, I am still on the lookout by visiting so many music shops. Could u kindly send me the detail where this song would be available or you could send me from your soft copy library to my email id [email protected]

    Peace Be With you madam.


  10. Chitra chechi, please come back to the world of music. We share ur sorrow. She is God’s child, thats why he took her back.
    Getting engaged in music would help u to come back to normal.

  11. No Body can replace to your daughters” place, that is the reality…please come out of the pain and do activities you like so that you can come out of it…May God bless you and your husband.I am also praying for you . Teach small children songs so you will get many daughters and sons, so that You can become mother of so many children.
    Nisha Madhu (house wife and Music student), Navi Mumbai.

  12. Amma don,t worry u please try to come out of that pain, we want u back ma, I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH….

  13. Chithra chechi, nothing is permanent in this world..not even our sorrows.. I am sure that music will heel your sorrows soon.. because its having such heeling power… We all love you… You please come to us soon.. We love you… My prayers always with you…

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