First Zika virus reported in Karnataka; A five-year-old girl was affected by the disease

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Bengaluru:  First Zika virus case reported in Karnataka A five-year-old girl was diagnosed with the disease in Manvi in Raichur district. Neither the child nor family members had taken any trips abroad. They lived in an isolated place in the village. Karnataka Health Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar said.

Although earlier cases of Zika virus have been reported from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra, this is the first case in Karnataka. The child’s serum is initially tested for dengue and chikungunya. After they were not found, they were sent to the virology lab in Pune. Dr. Sudhakar said that the state government is carefully monitoring the situation. He said there was no need to panic and the health department would soon issue guidelines to deal with the Zika virus. Two expert teams from Bengaluru and Kolkata have also reached the spot to conduct further inspections.