Book Online OP Tickets in Kerala Government Hospitals Website


Kerala government’s new e-health web portal to provide health department online services. People will be able to book hospital appointments online through this portal.

How to register in Kerala Government e-health portal?

  1. Visit the portal and click on the register
  2. First enter your Aadhaar number. You will receive an OTP in the registered mobile.
  3. Once you submit the OTP, You will be assigned a unique health ID number.
  4. During the initial login, you will get a text message with a 16-digit personalized health ID number and password on your mobile device.
  5. This ID number and password can be used to book hospital appointments.

How to book an OP Ticket Online ?

  1. Using the ID number and password, access the site at
  2. Choose New Appointment. If you are directed to a specific hospital, add its information. Then, choose a hospital and a department.
  3. Tokens for the day will be displayed while selecting the appointment date.
  4. You are able to select the token number that is most convenient for you.
  5. The booking information will be sent to you through SMS. During the visit, this message should be shown at the hospital.
  6. For further information, call the Disha helpdesk at 104, 1056, 0471 2552056, or 2551056.