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New covid strain spreads in Britain

London: Confirmation of spread of Omicron variant BA 4.6 in Britain. BA 4.6, which has been spreading rapidly in the US, is also spreading in the UK.

According to the UK Health Security Agency, in the third week of August, 33 percent of the samples were found to be BA 4.6. It has since risen to 9 percent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that BA 4.6 accounts for more than 9 percent of recent cases across the US. This variant has been recognized in many other countries.

BA 4.6 is a descendant of Omicron’s BA 4 variant. It was first discovered in South Africa in January 2022. After that, it spread worldwide along with the BA.5 variant. This variant has not yet been reported to cause more severe disease symptoms. But it is more spreadable than other varieties. BA 4.6 is similar to BA 4 in many respects. Interconversion occurs in spike proteins such as BA 4. It is this protein on the outside of the virus that helps it invade cells.

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