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Buttermilk and lemonade should be given to children in Anganwadis; Health Minister with new guidelines

Veena George

Thiruvananthapuram: Veena George, Minister of Health, Women and Child Development Department said that, should take special care of babies in summer. According to the note released by the minister, Anganwadis and daycare centers should pay special attention to this matter. It will be difficult if the Anganwadis are not functioning as they have to provide food and other things for the children. As the heat is increasing, children should be careful not to get dehydrated. Children should be given plenty of water. Children should be kept in places that do not get too hot.

Other suggestions include:

· Children in Anganwadis should not be allowed to participate in activities outside the Anganwadi between 10 am to 3.30 pm.
· Air circulation should be ensured inside the Anganwadi.
· Make sure children drink enough water.
· Ensure that water given to children is boiled.
· Give children salted porridge water, lemon water, and buttermilk.
Fruits should be included in the diet of children.
· Child Development Officers should take steps to provide fan facilities in Anganwadis with the help of local bodies.
· Parents should be advised to bring their children to the Anganwadi wearing light-colored loose cotton clothes if possible.
· Use of an umbrella, white cotton cap, etc. while going out should be advised.
· Instruct children not to walk barefoot.
· Contact the nearest health center immediately if you notice symptoms of heat wave-related illnesses in children.
· Instructions given by the Health Department should be followed.
· It should be ensured that there are no reptiles seeking coolness in and around Anganwadis.
· Direction number (1056, 104) and nearest health center number should be displayed in all Anganwadis.

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