Classes will resume on Vickers Channel; starts from tomorrow


Thiruvananthapuram: After a two-week trial, new classes will begin on Monday, June 15 at the Kite Victors Channel. The classes start at 8:30 am tomorrow. The 10th and Plus Two classes will be retelecasted every evening and on Saturdays and Sundays at 5.30 pm and 7 pm.

Classes for June 15 (Monday)

Twelfth Class 08.30 English

Class XII 09.00 Physics

Class XII 09.30 Accountancy

XII Class 10.00 Sociology 1st Class 10.30 General Subject

10th Class 11.00 Physics

10th Class 11.30 Chemistry

Tenth Class 12.00 Urdu

Second Class 12.30 Mathematics

3rd Class 01.00 Mathematics

Fourth Class 01.30 Malayalam

Fifth Class 02.00 Hindi

SIXTH CLASS 02.30 Sociology

VII CLASS 03.00 Malayalam

EIGHT CLASS 03.30 Malayalam

EIGHT CLASS 04.00 Biology

9th Class 04.30 Physics

NINTH CLASS 05.00 Sociology