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Bank strike begins; by night ATMs will be empty

Bank strike kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: The money transactions in the state have slipped due to the strike of bank employees. The ATMs will be empty by night. Bank employees have called for a wage hike, which began today and tomorrow. Almost all the banks are closed, as officers, clerks and other sections of staff go on strike. Private Banks are also participating in the strike.

Salaries are distributed today and tomorrow at most institutions in the state. In most cases, the salary is paid through the bank. Almost all the major IT companies will get paid on the first day. Even if the salary is paid on the first date, banks may not be able to get the money because the banks are not working.

On Saturday IT firms are on holiday and get paid today. Money can only be withdrawn through us. This crisis will be reflected in the general public tomorrow and tomorrow. More than nine organizations have called for a 15 percent hike in employee pay. Organizations have warned that they will go on a three-day strike from March 11 to 13 if the demands are not met.

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