Maruthi’s Suzuki Vitara to Launch in Indian Market


Maruti Suzuki will launch its SUV model in Indian market. The Vitara is a revised version of Suzuki’s own Brezza, which comes to the seven-seater car category. The new SUV is being sold in India’s premium SUV series. Vitara’s news comes out after reports that Creta model will be released in seven seats. Vitara will be produced on the Global C Platform. Maruti Suzuki has the ability to manufacture the Global C Platform locally as this model can be built on low cost.

Grant Vitara is the name of seven-seat Creta.

The Grand Vitara will be a model that is similar to the global vendor in form and shape.

The 2.0-liter MJD 2 engine used in the Fiat models will strengthen the Grand Vitara. The grill is packed with cranes, fog lamps, LEDs and dye time running lights. There will be five spacious alloy wheels at Vitara.

The car will be showcased at the Delhi Auto Show in 2020.