Harley introduced its first electric bike


Harley Davidson, the American manufacturer Company, is set to buy the market by its first electric bike Live-wire and it was presented at the 2018 Milan motorcycle show held in Italy. The Live-wire is the first gear-less vehicle of Harley. However, the company has not disclosed the details of its motorcycle and battery capacity.

At the 115th anniversary celebration of the company’s Harley Museum last month, Harley introduced the production model of the Live-wire. The vehicle has a multimedia ride, Bluetooth connectivity, Instrument Console, Digital Information Display. The construction is based on the Live-wire Electric Concept project, which was screened in 2014.

The next year, the Live-wire will be sold in North America and Europe. The market access to India is unclear. The design is orange-black dual tone. 17 inches is the wheel. The live-wire charging socket is above the tank.