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Bhagoriya Festival : Especially for Lovers

Like based on many of the beliefs, there is a lot of celebrations in India that do not have any power behind them. Bhagori Festival (Bhagariya Hath Festival) is also known as Bilalas and Bhils, celebration of tribes. The youths celebrates this festival because of this festival helps them a chance to marry their loved one.

Valentines youth will attend in this celebration.

Bhagori’s customs are a blessing for those who love to go unanswered as they are opposed to their family members. Bhagriya celebration is a special feature of the celebration of marriage, which means that they are getting married without the permission of the parents who do not know that they are skirts.

Bhagori is a unique feature of the festival which is held in the month of March in front of the Holi festival. This is mainly for ladies and gentlemen because; young men are allowed to choose their own bridesmaid.

 Both the parents of the youngsters also attend in the function. The opposition to their children’s love cannot be expressed by the parents at this time. Like wedding ceremony, the music and dance will be arranged in this session also.

The boys will approach their lover with a box of saffron powder, which was collected from the tree Palash, and throw it over the girl. This mean to the boys love the girl.

If the girl accepts the boys love she throws the saffron over him.

If she disagrees to marry him, she shall not be thrown the saffron at the boy. Then the boy could not get another chance to select a girl. But he will get a chance to attract the girl.

After going to home, the family engages their marriage. This festival is still stands in the tribes of Madhya 

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