No need for Priest, devotees wearing Garland for Althara Rajaraja Ganapathy in Pala


The devotees must wear garlands, like the lemon garland, the Karuka garland directly to the god. The Rajaraja Ganapathy lord in Pala always like this type of offering other than the offerings of the priest.

It is the only Ganapathy temple in Kerala where devotees worship the lamp and garlands directly to the god.

This temple is situated in middle of the town in Pala, near Lalam Mahadeva temple road.

Altharara Ganapathy Bhagwan had been a few devotees long years ago. time. But over the years, the devotees are increases day to day, sources said.

Now the devotees come and clean road and premise in front of the temple in the morning.

Only in the last Friday of the Malayala month, Brahmin priest worship in this temple. The pooja is performed by the priest of the Mahadeva Temple at that day.

The Prathishta day is on July 14. At that time the devotees gathered here to broke coconut.

 The glory of the Raja Rajag Ganapathy Bhagavan, who is mesmerized directly by the devotees, is spreading all over the world.