Khor Fakkan Beach is ready to more views


The Khor Fakkan beach is ready to enjoy the natural beauty of UAE from Sharjah. Sharjah Ruler Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (SURURQ) has announced a comprehensive development plan for all destinations as proposed by Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi.

Beach Development Scheme will be implemented in two phases with the Municipal Corporation of Khorfokkan and Sharjah Public Works. From the harbor to the south of the beach, the round will include amphitheater, walkways and children’s playground. In the first phase, the spacious picnic spots, restaurants, cafe, Islamic garden and bathroom facilities for bungalows will also be set up to enjoy family-friendly views.

“Khorfokkan is one of the most beautiful places in the eastern region of the UAE. With more conveniences, travelers from all over the world can be attracted to this place. The beach will serve as one of the best quality recreational facilities in the world to save Khor Focani’s purity. It is hoped that this will increase the overall development of the eastern sector. The Khorfokkan Beach Development Project is also proud to add to the list of development projects to be implemented with the worlds leading brands, “said Sarahq executive chairman Marwan Jassim Al Sarkal.

For Malayalees, Khorfokkan is the most auspicious place in the UAE. Launches marked during the early years of exile were on the coast of Khorfokkan. M T Vasudevan Nair’s ‘Villkanandu Swapnangal’ and Salim Ahmed’s ‘Pattemari’ were shot on the coast. The story of the exile is that the historical remains of Malayalee’s expatriate life will be marked.