Khajjiar welcomes you


It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinies in India. Khajjiar is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Khajur is located at an elevation of 6500 ft above sea level in the Himalayas at the Dhauladhar range. It is an important center for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The Khajjiar Lake, the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary and the beautiful villages below the hills are the main attractions of Khajjiar.

The Khajjiar Lake is located amidst lush green deodar forests. This is a place suitable for photography. Small streams flow from this perennial lake. The lake is similar to a floating island. This lake is located at an elevation of 1950 m above sea level and is surrounded by a picnic spot. The place is popular for the grassland located on the banks of the lake. The lake has a paragliding and horse riding. The Chameera Lake is also a pleasant area. The lake is popular among tourists as it is a major tourist destination of Khajjiar.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is one of best tourist destiny of wildlife. The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and also for Himalayan wolf, Leopard, Deer, Bear, and Langur. This wildlife sanctuary is adorned with dense forests and small streams. It is a perfect spot for trekking. The paths through Bakrota Hills are beautiful. The roads are through the cedar forests. The uniqueness of the Khajjiar is the natural beauty of forests and waterfalls.

The Panchpula waterfall is a favorite destination for tourists in Khajjiar. It is a beautiful picnic spot. Waterfalls and streams can be enjoyed in the punch. There are trekking routes originating from here. The mountains and green valley’s are the main attractions of the place. In the Khajjiar region, there are Dainkund peaks. It is the snow-covered peaks. The Dainkund peak is the highest point in Dalhousie. Dainkund peak has some deodar trees, dense forests, and colorful flowers. The Khajjiar Lake is a beautiful sight from this peak. There are few villages here. Here you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the village houses and the beautiful views of the village. This peak is perched at an elevation of 2755 m above sea level.

Beneath the mountains, there are beautiful villages. These villages are home to apple orchards. These villages have trekking routes for hiking. These villages are located on the lower slopes of the Khajjiar Hills. Tourist places in and around Dhauladhar Trekking and horse riding make for adventure activities here. Horse riding is very enjoyable. There are places for shopping in Khajjiar. The Himachal Pradesh State Handcraft Center is also home to some of the traditional shops. From here, you can buy only handicrafts of Khajjiar.

Khajjiar is also a beautiful spot for trekking, mountain ranges, grasslands and valleys of any other tourist destination in India.