Mark Antony Movie Review: loud, funny and engaging but moderate in thrilling


Mark Antony Review in one-word: Loud, funny and engaging but moderate in thrilling. 

• Language: Tamil 

• Director: Adhik Ravichandran 

• Duration: 2 Hrs 31 mins

• Genre: Scientific, Action thriller 


1. Direction 

2. BGM

3. Stunt

4. Performance of S.J Surya

5. Story

6. SFX


1. Screenplay

2. Songs

3. Unconvincing Performance of Vishal

4. Climax

5. Twists

6. VFX


Film begins with a scientist who sacrificed years in inventing a time traveling telephone through which they can speak to their past and change the things happening in the future. The Protagonist uses this phone to bring his parents back by saving them from the incidents that happened to them in the past. The same thing happens with the antagonist and he also uses the same phone to bring his father back to the present, there is plenty of action and fights.


A cinematic journey through time, Mark Antony, directed by the illustrious Adhik Ravichandran, left me with a sense of unfulfilled potential. While not entirely lacking in entertainment value, the film’s half-baked screenplay left much to be desired. In the realm of time-traveling movies, the audience expects a fully-realized recreation of the past, present, and future, yet Mark Antony failed to deliver on this front. Despite this, the director’s vision for SJ Suryah’s performance was evident throughout the film, and it was his stunning screen presence and realistic acting skills that truly carried the movie forward. Indeed, SJ Suryah’s impeccable body language and comedic timing were nothing short of amazing, making him the soul and most attractive factor of Mark Antony. While the film may not have fully satisfied my expectations, it was a testament to the power of exceptional acting and the potential for greatness in the hands of a skilled director.

The cinematic masterpiece in question falls under the esteemed category of science fiction, yet it boasts an unparalleled fusion of comedic elements. The comedic sequences were executed with utmost precision by the illustrious SJ Suriyah, whose impeccable timing and flawless delivery left me spellbound. His ingenious use of vocal modulation during the humorous interludes kept me thoroughly engrossed. The film is replete with captivating, pivotal, and uproarious moments, all of which were elevated to new heights by the commanding performance of SJ Suriyah.

Adhik Ravichandran’s method and approach in directing his films were distinct, as his filmmaking style incorporated elements that entertained viewers. The inclusion of comedy in a time-travel fantasy film is a challenging feat, yet Ravichandran executed it impressively. His fantasy concept, characters, story premise, and overall production were akin to a thrilling ride, replete with action, fun, and unexpected twists. In comparison to his previous work, Ravichandran’s direction in Mark Antony exuded a greater sense of passion. The film’s intricate and perplexing plot, coupled with various unforeseen events, did not detract from the director’s momentum, and he remained true to the central theme. Although the screenplay had its flaws, Ravichandran’s direction maintained a firm grasp on the film’s overall vision, and his sincere effort to deliver something unique was evident.

The concept and script of Mark Antony is not something new, as there have been numerous films of a similar genre. The primary concern with the film lies in its screenplay, which, while containing an intriguing storyline, could have been better written. The plot of Mark Antony is complex and multifaceted, such that missing even a single moment could lead to confusion. Consequently, viewers must pay close attention while watching the film, as unexpected occurrences are abundant. To render these events and happenings vivid, a compelling screenplay is necessary, and this is where Mark Antony falls short. The plotlines and subplots in the screenplay are only moderately developed, and a average way of approach to writing is evident in several areas of the film. In many instances, I found myself disengaged from the unfolding events, sensing that something was amiss in the screenplay. Certain pivotal scenes in the film were easily predictable, and issues of predictability were pervasive throughout. Additionally, some scenes felt rushed, and a more detailed approach would undoubtedly have heightened the overall impact of the film.

A time travel movie must include repetitive scenes to emphasize the recurrence of the incident. However, the film in question fails to do so, which is solely due to the negligence of the writers. The sequence in the movie does not repeat, and the story plot and visuals could have been significantly improved if the writers had incorporated logical scientific explanations.

S.J Surya’s performance in the film was absolutely mind-blowing! He had the audience on the edge of their seats with his realistic acting and action-packed scenes that had everyone laughing and entertained. If this film becomes a hit, it’s all thanks to S.J Surya’s incredible talent. 

However, there were a few issues with the movie that couldn’t be ignored. The time travel element was a bit repetitive and loud, but as long as it was fun, it was okay. By the time the climax rolled around, though, it was hard not to feel a little exhausted. The illogical twists and turns may not have fulfilled the audience’s needs either. One thing that was missing from the film was an item song. There were so many good spots in the storyline that could have been utilized better to hype up the film. As they say, “a gangster film without an item song is like Diwali without crackers.” It was a great disappointment for me personally. 

But, Adhik Ravichandran, the director, tried to make up for it by bringing in actress Silk Smitha for a particular scene in the period portion to attract the audience, and it was impressive. Overall, the film had its ups and downs, but S.J Surya’s performance was definitely the highlight.


The way S.J Suryah fascinated the audience through his performance was wonderfully done throughout the plot and if the Film gets hit, the performance of S.J Suryah will be the only reason. The acting and actions of S.J Suryah were very realistic and immersed the audience with laughter and entertainment where his dual role was excessively promising as father and son.

The performance of Vishal was not able to indulge the audience with his acting and he could have done fairer. The looks of Vishal didn’t have any impact with the fake beard and wigs. Overall the acting of Vishal had an average performance and did nothing special with the character designed by the director. 

The performance of actor Sunil amazed the audience as he was not acting but he just lived as a character.  The way Sunil accomplished his character was too natural and I was delighted with his performance. The scientist role performed by Selvaragavan was satisfactory, funny and nothing more or less he gave his best as usual. Ritu Varma had a brief arrival and she was a catalyst to shift the narrative forward. Ritu Varma has a lovely presence and she did her small part of acting more simply.


The musical work for the film is composed by G.V Prakash which includes the background score. As a science fiction fantasy movie, the importance of the background score is crucial to set the impact and in Mark Antony the composer G.V. Prakash had given the right set of appropriate background tunes but the song felt ordinary. The vibes in the song was not enough to engage my viewing experience and I felt even without the songs the movie would have been better. The songs were too unmatching for the situations and created a lag. 

Whenever the important scenes are taking place it has the backup of provoking tunes to give the right impact.  It was perfectly synchronized with the sequence and the consciousness of the viewers hadn’t deviated from the screen. DOP and Cinematography the movie was engaging because of the visuals. The cinematographer gave his best in the film and the angles were good, no drawback on his part. But the Vfx could have done better, the CG was okay, the concentration in visual effects was less, which was a great disadvantage of the film. SFX was done well, no lag or miss match in SFX every single detail in SFX was really good.  During the action sequences the director used the idea of lokesh kanakaraj by playing the songs of the 80’s and 90’s and that worked well.


I am having mixed feelings about the film Mark Antony, I enjoyed the film but not fully. I think the film got extra hype because of the well-received trailer, it was such an amazing trailer with fine cuts. Overall, the film Mark Antony has the components of a time travel movie and it is packed with action, comedies and a brilliant performance by SJ Suryah. He is the main attractive factor of Mark Antony, actually, it was his stellar show and he absolutely nailed it. If the screenplay writing of the movie was better then Mark Antony could have turned into one the best films of recent times. Therefore, if you are a person who loves to watch a time travel movie with fun comedies and actions then you can book the tickets for Mark Antony, still watch it with moderate expectations or it’s better to wait for the OTT release. 

 •VERDICT: One-time Watch. 

 • RATING: 3/5

A REVIEW BY Gideon Jotham