Lenovo Launches Privacy Glasses T1

Glasses T1

Lenovo has launched glasses that can be used as a monitor for watching movies and typing. Earlier, the company had introduced this at a technology show.
Lenovo glasses can be used as a monitor, which can be used to watch entertainment programs including movies, and do tasks such as typing.

What sets it apart is its ability to work with operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. It will be known as Lenovo Glasses T1 in the international market. It will be called Lenovo Yoga Glasses in China.

The noise was a problem when the prototype was released months ago. There was also a problem that it could be heard by the wearer of the T1. Lenovo has fixed that too. Using headphones or Bluetooth earphones, the volume can be adjusted to be audible only to the person wearing the glasses.

The USB-C port draws charge from whatever device is connected to it. There is no battery in the device. So, there is no need to charge Lenovo T1. Lenovo says that the screen technology is in a way that does not require much charge. The company claims that it can run continuously for hours.

The smart glasses that companies like Apple and Google are about to launch fall under the Augmented Reality category. Walking around wearing these may not be a problem. The wearer can see the real world and the content on the screen at the same time. But that’s not the case with the Lenovo Glasses T1. It’s not AR Glass. If you walk while wearing it, it can be dangerous.

Lenovo Glasses T1 has a Micro OLED display with Full HD resolution for each eye. Its frame rate is 60Hz. The contrast ratio is 10,000:1. Great speakers are also included.

You can choose nose clips that fit your nose. Lenovo says the Glasses T1 is lighter and has a better screen. The company says it can also be used as a personal workspace. If you can connect to other devices using USB-C, you can connect to the iPhone using the Lightning port. The company claims that you can get hours of battery life whether you’re streaming videos or playing games.