Peranbu Rreview : Pernabu is not just a movie, it’s an experience that one should not miss


Review for PERANBU:

•Language: Tamil.
•Genre: Family Drama.
•Duration: 02 Hours 27 Minutes.
•Theatre: JB CINEMAS
•Status: 80%.


1: Direction.
2: Story
3: Screenplay and Dialogues.
4: Performance of lead actors.
5: Cinematography
6: Music & Background Score.

1: Nothing to mention.

•ONE WORD: Pernabu is not just a movie, it’s an experience that one should not miss.

Peranbu revolves around the life of a father and his disabled daughter. The story deals with the various incidents happening to their life.

The movie is directed by the National Award winner Ram who is well known for his work like Thanga Meengal, Kattradhu Thamizh and Taramani. So this time by his film Peranbu he joins with the veteran actor Mammootty for an intense emotional family drama.

Peranbu portrays some different chapters of the life of a father and his disabled daughter so the emotions shown through it was executed by the director brilliantly. The story by the director Ram is all about the pure loving bond of a father and daughter which will definitely haunt the viewers to experience another different world of parenthood. No doubt after watching Peranbu every audience will get some hard feelings to digest but yet tormentingly beautiful.

The director Ram had brilliantly used the unique acting talents of the actor Mammootty successfully according to the story and screenplay. Importantly there were chances to create lagging when the movie tracks to the main plot but the maker had effectively won to write the screenplay to avoid tedious occurrence.

The movies directed by Ram are generally difficult to watch for the second time because of the way he treats the film by his haunting story and at the end, the film will conclude to a brilliant one time watch which can give an unforgettable experience. Like it, Peranbu also stands on a different universe of Ram movies which ranks at a high unique awesome level.

The screenplay of was having the right combined factors of sentiments, humour, sorrows, struggles emotions etc so the director had accomplished to make these elements accurately without losing the engaging grasp of the film.

The dialogues are written by the director Ram also emerged as stiff and powerful because the conversation between every character in the film was having the right and soulful momentum to create an impact which can dominate the audience to engage in the film. The dialogues in the movie were really observant and keen which can contrive the viewers to understand the feelings of the plot. The cardinality of the film focus on the life of the central character and propitiously the maker Ram had stunningly portrayed without any form of bemusing elements.

Therefore by the outstanding direction and by the incredible story of Ram makes Peranbu as one of the best movies which we can get in 2019.


Mammootty as Amudhavan, Anjali as Viji, Sadhana as Paapa, Anjali Ameer as Meera, Samuthirakhni, Livingston, Aruldoss, joins in the casting.
Through the character, Amudhavan actor Mammootty had once again done a remarkable performance which proved that he is still unstoppable by his class acting. No words to describe because of his bewildering acting. Mammootty’s acting definitely deserves an another National Award. His emotional scenes were touching to the heart and also the characterisation to various emotions was acted out magnificently. As a loving and caring father, Mammootty’s performance will definitely give tears to the eyes. Another career-best performance for him.

Sadhana as Paapa who played the daughter character of Mammootty did a fantastic performance. Her combination scenes with Mammootty was purely sentimental. The disabled character and its qualities were masterly acted out by her.

Anjali as Vijayalakshmi was also amazing. In fact, she was having less to perform but whatever she had she did her part flawlessly.
Anjali Ameer’s character Meera and her performance were truly wonderful. Her emotional scenes and combination scenes with actor Mammootty deserves a special mention. She is an inspiration to every individual belonging to the transexual world.

Samuthirakhni as the doctor and the actor Aruldoss did total justice to his character.

The musical work for the movie is composed by the hitmaker Yuvan Shankar Raja.

The song ‘Anbe Anbin’ sung by Yuvan and Karthik was so melodious. The song ‘Vaanthooral’ sung by harmonious by its best lyrics. The song ‘Setthu Pocchu’ and ‘Vaanthooral’ was also tuneful with its sweet-toned tunes. Each and every song composed by Yuvan deserves a huge applause. Through the songs, the director of the film had targeted to pass out various emotions so Yuvan Shankar Raja had done outstanding compositions to make Peranbu touching.

Not only the songs the background score was also exceptional. All the BGM in the movie were intense by its powerful tunes. For the emotional scenes, Yuvan had done his best by contributing the perfect tunes which can make the viewers travel within the film.

The cinematography of Theni Easwar was spectacular like visual magic. Each and every frame and shot gives wonder to the eyes of the audience. The beautiful nature frames in the film were miraculous. The close-up shots and the various different angles placed by the cinematographer deserves huge thumbs up.

The editing of Suriya Pradhaman was crisp and neat without making mismatches for the viewing experience. The art director had also done a glorious job for making the ideal sets also the wardrobes for the actor was also notable.


So to conclude Peranbu is a movie that one should not miss in the big screen and overall nothing more to say if you love to watch a different intense emotional drama of a father and daughter then Peranbu is all yours. Never miss it.

•RATING: 5/5.