Shutter Malayalam Movie Review

Shutter Malayalam Movie Review

Producer– Saritha Ann Thomas

Director– Joy Mathew

Cast– Lal, Vinay Forrt, Sreenivasan, Sajitha Madathil, Augustine, Premkumar etc.

Music– Shahabaz Aman & B B Sam

Review By : Unni R Nair ( )

‘Shutter’ is one film which proves that filmmaking is not at all about being prolific or being part of the mainstream. It took Joy Mathew over two and a half decades, after his notable performance in John Abraham’s ‘Amma Ariyaan’, to come out with his debut directorial film. Joy Mathew, who played a key role in the 1986 John Abraham movie and who has been active as a theatre person and activist, gives us a striking and wonderful movie in ‘Shutter’, a film that’s worth many rounds of discussions and critical analysis.

‘Shutter’ begins with Suran (Vinay Forrt) going about in his auto-rickshaw, in the city of Kozhikode and then the film moves on to other characters as well. Very soon we meet film-director Manoharan (Sreenivasan), who is gearing up to make his next film, his second one, which he is making after a long gap of time. Manoharan happens to travel in Suran’s auto-rickshaw and forgets his bag in the auto-rickshaw. We meet Rasheed (Lal), who has been in the Gulf and who now gets ready to get his daughter married off, especially since she has boys among her friends and interact with them over cell-phone. Suran is a close aide and friend of Rasheed and as they wander about at night on Suran’s auto-rickshaw, planning to get some booze, they come across a prostitute (Sajitha Madathil). Rasheed makes Suran talk to her and soon she is on Suran’s auto-rickshaw. They move about in search of a hotel room and finally, on finding no place for their nocturnal adventures, decide to settle down in an unused shop room, owned by Rasheed. Suran puts Rasheed and the lady inside the shop, downs the shutter, locks it and goes away, promising to return at midnight with food. The plot develops from here.

‘Shutter’ is not just a story; it’s much more than that. There of course is an element of suspense, handled in a neat way and there are glimpses from life in Kozhikode city, presented realistically and packaged attractively. But it’s something else that forms the crux of the movie’s plot. The film is basically about human relationships, perspectives and changing perspectives. How a few hours, spent behind closed shutters, can change life for you and bring about a drastic shift in one’s perspectives is shown very sensitively. The very complex of human relationships and the innate goodness of human nature is what the film stresses on. All this and much more makes the film stand out as one of the best Malayalam films in recent times.


I could generalize by saying that every member of the cast has done full justice to his or her respective role, but it would be gross injustice if I don’t stop to mention in particular Sajitha Madathil and Vinay Forrt. Sajitha Madathil, who has her own standing as a theatre person and activist and who has acted in some films already, puts in a wonderful performance as the prostitute. Vinay Forrt, whose performance in some of his recent films has been notable, does a neat job of his character. Sreenivasan, as usual, is comfortable with his role. Lal also passes muster as Rasheed.

Technical aspects

‘Shutter’ is focused on a story, which has lots of things to narrate. The technical aspects are in tune with the theme and the tempo and there is no point looking for or expecting technical gimmicks in a film like this. Hari Nair’s camerawork, editing by Bijith Bala and art-work by Sunil Kochanur suit the film’s mood.


Music (songs as well as background score) jell well with the totality of the film.


Joy Mathew has done a good and balanced work of the script. The characterization aspect and the way the story evolves has all been handled deftly.


Good work, Joy Mathew. He knows very well what to deliver and how to package and deliver it and does full justice to his job. Congrats!!

VerdictMust watch, lots of surprises in store for you…

Rating: 4/5

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