Pachuvum Kovalanum Review

Pachuvum Kovalanum Review 

Directed by  : Thaha

Produced by : Elvine John

Written by : Francis T Mavelikkara

Starring :  Mukesh,Suraj Venjaramood,Meghna Raj,Jyothirmayi

Music : by Mohan Sithara

Studio : Eva productions

There were days when theatres constituted the primary source of income for Malayalam feature films, but it has changed long time ago with the entrance of satellite channels. These Channels became the highest bidders and thus, the focus of low-budget filmmakers shifted to convincing the channel heads rather than the audience. Pachuvum Kovalanum is one such low budget film which is made primarily to sell to channel.


Suraj who was considered as comedian is changing lanes to character roles. After Ulakam Chuttum Valiban, Pachuvum Kovalanum is the next film in which he does a through and through role.


Mukesh who run a parallel industry in 90’s with Jagatheesh and Sidheek, even now commands some value among producers and TV channels. He did an ok job in this movie.


Mookilla Rajyathu was a rip off from Hollywood film The Dream Team. Apart from that he has many hits including Dileep starrer E parakkum Thalika. His last films Heylassa and Kappal Muthalali bombed in theatre.


The comedy of the actor who was called to do roles in films was pretty cool and the actor did well. Meghna Raj, Jyothirmayee, Jagathy Sreekumar all acted well.

The film goes through comedy, family, investigation and is said in the backdrop of mega serial. The technical department was ok. The 2d animation which was seen recently for titles in many films was viewed in Pachuvum Kovalanum too. It was cool.

Written by Francis T Mavelikkara who wrote many plays, the film feels to be half baked and lengthy. Camera is by Utpal V Nayanar. Film’s second half is better than the first.

Verdict Though a bit drawn-out the film won’t be the worst you have witnessed.


Review By : 2 / 5


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