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Producer- P.A.Sebastian
Director- Mahesh.P.Sreenivasan
Cast- Jayaram, Guinness Pakru, Kaniha etc.
Music- Alex Paul
Lyrics- Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma
Cinematography- Vipin Mohan
Story,Screenplay,dialogues- Suresh Menon, Satheesh.K.Sivan

Review by : Unni /

Mahesh.P.Sreenivasan, known popularly in the film circuits as S.P.Mahesh, has been working as an associate director to many leading directors. It was with ‘Changathipoocha’ that he made his debut as an independent director. The film anyhow was not up to the mark and didn’t make any kind of impact at the box office. Now, with ‘My Big Father’, Mahesh tries his luck a second time and emerges a bit more successful. The film is far better than his debut film.
It seems that if one goes to see ‘My Big Father’ with rather realistic expectations, there won’t be reasons to get disappointed. It’s a film made in the line of those many Jayaram starrers that you have been seeing all these years; and those who know how a typical Jayaram starrer happens to be won’t be disappointed. Yes, ‘My Big Father’ is a rather OK kind of Jayaram starrer.
‘My Big Father’ tells the story of the bonding between a father and a son, a dwarfish father and his son. Kunjumon (Guinness Pakru), the dwarfish father of a motherless child, brings up the child with much love, care and hopes. The son Alby, as in most such films, grows up justifying his father’s hopes and aspirations. As a grown up guy, Alby (Jayaram) decides that he will marry only that girl who doesn’t laugh or giggle on seeing his father. And hence his marriage goes on getting delayed until he chances to come across Ancy (Kaniha), with whom he falls in love at first sight itself. Ancy fulfils Alby’s condition too and they get married. But something happens that changes things for all of them- Kunjumon, Alby and Ancy.
There is nothing much in the movie by way of substance. In fact it’s all meaningless stuff, you may tend to say. But the end-result is a tolerable kind of film that may appeal to the family audience, kids especially. But if you are looking for some ‘sensible’ stuff, something that appeals to your intellect and to the ‘intellectual’ in you, then sorry, this is not the film for you. ‘My Big Father’ is just a so so kind of film with many ill-conceived scenes and all, but it’s ok for a time-pass movie and, as said earlier, is definitely better than ‘Changathipoocha’.


Jayaram is his usual self and does full justice to the role of Alby, but the film belongs mostly to Guinness Pakru, who does his part excellently well. Kaniha hasn’t got much to do, but plays her part well. Innocent is his usual self. Jagathy Sreekumar and Suraaj haven’t got much to do. Salim Kumar is OK. Nothing much to say about the others in the cast.

Technical aspects

Nothing much to say about the technical aspects, which however don’t matter much for a film of this kind. The technicians have all done their job perfectly well anyway.


Background score is fine, but the songs may not linger in your memories for long.


Suresh Menon and Satheesh.K.Sivan, who began their career with Anil’s Jayaram-starrer ‘Suryan’, do an OK kind of work with the script. But their attempt to work out the humour element with the supporting characters, played by Suraaj, Jagathy etc, doesn’t work much. They seem to have forgotten these characters (who were perhaps brought in to lure the audience to the theatres) and seem to concentrate mainly on the key players alone.


As mentioned earlier, director Mahesh has improved much, compared to his debut film. But given his experience in films and his association with leading directors, Mahesh may very well be able to deliver better films. Let’s hope he does that in future.

Overall verdict- Time pass movie. Don’t expect too much.
Rating: 2/5

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