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Producer: Jayaraj
Director : Jayaraj
Main Cast: Mammooty,Sasikumar,Gracy Singh& others
Music: Bijibal
Lyrics: Anil Panachooran
Story: P.Y.Jose

Review by : Unni /
Rating : 4/5

Jeyaraj’s ‘Loudspeaker’ is a simple kind of movie, may not be liked by intellectuals and may not go well with fans. But for those who go see movies without preconceptions and pretensions, this is a movie that touches the heart.

‘Loudspeaker’ is all about a guy who has the habit of talking loud. PhilipposePhilippose (Mammootty), who is known as ‘Mike’ for his habit of speaking aloud. He hails from a hill-side village and comes to the city to donate his kidney to Menon (Sashikumar), who needs a kidney replacement badly. Menon makes him stay with him, in his posh flat. But Mike, because of his strange ways and loud talking, makes things go crazy for the people living there, in the building. A person who is naïve in his ways and talk, Mike Philippose soon wins over the kids and even a few adults, while he makes things go all wrong for others, e.g. the secretary of the building (Jagathy Sreekumar). Menon is at one stage fed up with Mike’s ways. But things change at a later stage.

In fact at some points, Mammootty’s character in the film and the film as a whole remind one of the Rajesh Khanna-starrer ‘Anand’, directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. And the simplicity simply charms you. Of course there are things that seem a bit artificial and there are times when you feel that it’s a bit of overdoing. But over-all the movie is a nice experience for those who wish to see something good, something to relish. It’s a real feel-good kind of movie. And ‘Loudspeaker’ also takes us back to the good old days when some really simple were made and even enjoyed, without pretensions, without preconceptions.


Mammootty gives a mesmerising presence as ‘Mike’ Philippose, a character that stands in contrast to the many meaningless ones he had done recently. Sashikumar, well known media person and the founder chairman of Asianet, who has also directed a movie (‘Kaya Tharan’) does a good job of the character of Menon. Jeyaraj has this penchant of making actors of non-actors. Gracy Singh as Annie, the nurse who looks after Menon is good. It’s just that the role could have been done by any other actress too. So, what’s the point in brining in Gracy Singh? Maybe for a change. And a good change it is. She is good too. The others all suit their roles perfectly well.

Technical aspects

Cinematography by Gunashekhar and editing by Vijai Shankar suits the mood of the film. Art-work by Prashanth Madhav is excellent too.


Of the songs, by the Anil Panachooran team, a couple of them may not seem outstanding, but the inclusion of the evergreen ‘Alliyambal…’ is nothing but fabulous. The background score is good.


Jeyaraj has done a neat job of the screenplay and kudos to Jeyaraj for not working out a romantic angle. That’s worth noting.


Years back, when I saw ‘Vidyarambham’, Jeyaraj’s first released movie, I remarked to my friends, “This director will make many good movies”. Jeyaraj has always been one of my favourites among the new directors. He has of course made terribly boring movies. Real awful ones. But he has made some good ones too. And ‘Loudspeaker’ takes us back to the times when ‘Vidyarambham’ was released. Great job, Jeyaraj.

Overall verdict- Good film, nostalgic and touching too.
Rating: 4/5

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