Malayalam Movie Bodyguard – Review

Body Guard Malayalam Movie Review

Review- Bodyguard

Producer- Johny Sagariga

Director- Siddique

Cast- Dileep, Nayantara, Thyagarajan, Mithra Kurien, Harisree Ashokan etc.

Music- Ouseppachan

Lyrics- Kaithapram, Anil Panachooran

Story, Screenplay, dialogues- Siddique

‘Bodyguard’, since it’s directed by hit maker Siddique, has been a much awaited film. And it has been delayed too, as it was slated to release earlier. Anyway, as the wait ends and the film hits the theatres, the question that pops up is “Has the wait been justified?”A rather confusing question indeed. I don’t know whether to answer in the affirmative or not.

‘Bodyguard’ is unlike the other Siddique films and totally unlike the Siddique-Lal films. Those who expect something on those lines may very well be disappointed. For those who go to see the movie without much expectations, the film may seem OK for an entertainer, with Dileep, Nayantara and Thyagarajan making their presence felt and a mix of variety fare.

‘Bodyguard’ is all about Jayakrishnan (Dileep), a guy who adores people who hold others in dread and rule by dint of their muscle power. If at a stage he was all adoration for the cops, later he started adoring the goons who outsmarted the cops. It was thus that he ventured to become a bodyguard to goons and underworld kingpins. It was then that he heard of a guy named Ashokan, who was held in dread in those circuits too. His aim was now to become Ashokan’s bodyguard. Finally, when Ashokan (Thyagarajan) comes from Dubai, where he is now based, Jayakrishnan goes and meets him. He does finally succeed in becoming Ashokan’s bodyguard. Anyhow when Ashokan and his family later get targetted by rivals, Ashokan asks Jayakrishnan to accompany his daughter Ammu (Nayantara) to the town, where she studies in a college. Ashokan arranges for Jayakrishnan to be admitted to the same college, he being someone who had left his studies mid-way. Then on the story takes a new turn.

The storyline in fact is rather weak and there is in fact nothing new about it, except the bodyguard angle. Of course it would have been better if the post-interval portion had progressed on a different track, but as of now, there is nothing much impressive about the latter half of the movie, which however is watchable. The film ends in a rather good manner too. A major problem with ‘Bodyguard’ is that the film doesn’t have enough of humour and the humour that’s there is not up to the mark either; and when it’s a Siddique film, it’s humour that the audience wants. Anyway, in total, it’s OK for a watch.


Dileep is good, or to be precise, passable, as Jayakrishnan, Nayantara is good, though not excellent, as Ammu and Thyagarajan appeals as Ashokan. Harisree Ashokan is his very usual self. Mithra Kurien, who plays Ammu’s friend Sethu, is good. (This is in fact her debut film, but her second film ‘Gulumaal’ had got released earlier). The others are all OK with their respective roles.

Technical aspects

Technical aspects are all in tune with the mood and the tempo of the film and handled well.


The songs are in tune with the situations, but there is nothing much to speak about the songs, which may fade out from our memories very soon.


Siddique, who has handled the script too, could have handled the humour element in a better way and could have made the film crisper too. People expect from him, if not the humour that was seen in Siddique-Lal movies, at least the kind of humour that was seen and enjoyed in films like ‘Hitler’ and ‘Chronic Bachelor’.


Siddique, as director, is in full control of things and does justice to the subject that he wants to present. It’s the story that he had chosen to narrate that takes away from the totality of the film.

Overall verdict- Passable fare; OK for one-time viewing.

Rating: 2.5/5

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