Ividum Swargam Aanu Review,Ividum Swargam Aanu User Review

Director: Roshan Andrews
Producer: Antony Perumbavoor
Banner: Aashirwad Cinemas
Music: Mohan Sithara
Lyrics: Kaithpram-Bichu Thirumala
Cinematography: Divakar
Screenplay: James Albert

Review by : Unni / Kerala9.com
‘Ividam Swargamaanu’, the third film from Rosshan Andrrews after ‘Udayanaanu Thaaram’ and ‘Notebook’, tells a story that conveys a very strong message and may even make us sit up and think.

Mathews (Mohanlal), the son of Germias (Thilakan) and Elsa (Kaviyoor Ponnamma), is a hard-working farmer who has, over the years, developed his farm in a great way. He now is a successful farmer, cultivating his own land and doing cattle rearing too in a big way. His lifegoes all smooth and we see a young television reporter Betsy (Nirmala) desiring to do a programme on him. Anyway, things take a new turn for Mathews when Aluva Chandy (Laloo Aalex), a rich real estate guy eyes his property and wants to buy it. Mathews refuses to sell it, but Chandy is bent on procuring it. Mathews finds that it’s almost impossible to fight against Chandy, who has got his own influence and can do almost anything that he wishes to do. It’s from here that the story takes off.

‘Ividam Swargamaanu’, which has a thought provoking title, narrates a story that touches all of us and our lives in an intimate manner. There are many plusses to the movie, but the pace of the movie, which is rather slow for a Mohanlal starrer and the almost 3-hours’ length too may keep people away from the box office, unless the makers go in for some vigorous publicity tactics. This is a movie that everyone of us has got to see.


Mohanlal is comfortable with his role, but we feel he could have done it better. There seems to be something lacking somwhere, but of course he is good as Mathews. Laloo Aalex may seem a miscast to critics and his character could very well be described as sort of caricature too, but it’s a matter of no doubt that people would love his performance, delivered in his typical style. He even gets some applause towards the end of the film. Lakshmi Rai is good. Laskshmi Gopalaswamy has nothing much to do while Priyanka is so so. Thilakan and Kaviyoor Ponnamma are their usual selves and so is Sreenivasan. Jagathy Sreekumar’s character is well etched and he performs brilliantly well, but that may not find appeal with average viewers. The others do justice to their respetive roles.

Technical aspects

Technical aspects are in sync with the theme and the mood. But the film could have been edited better and made a bit more slick.


The background score by Gopisunder syncs in perfectly well with the mood of the film. Anyhow, the absence of songs, which are sort of imperative for a Mohanlal movie to appeal to the family audience, may work against the movie at the box office.


The script by James Albert is good and he deserves to be appreciated for having chosen a good and relevant subject. But still, he could have polished some scenes and made them slicker, which would have done good to the film. The pace would then have been different and the film would have got a better audience too.


Rosshan is of course in control of things, but he could have made the film a bit more slick and fast. Kudos to Rosshan and crew for coming up with such a film with a relevant message.
Overall verdict- Laudable effort. Conveys a relevant message.
Rating: 3.5/5

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