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Producer- Milan Jaleel
Director- Saji Surendran
Cast- Jayaram, Jayasurya, Indrajith, Bhavana, Samvritha Sunil, Vandana, Rima Kallingal etc.
Music- M.Jayachandran
Lyrics- Gireesh Puthencherry
Story, Screenplay, dialogues- Krishna Poojapura
Stills – Mahadevan Thampi (7000Ten)

Review by : Unni / www.Kerala9.com

Saji Surendran, the guy who had made some really good tele-films and some successful tele-serials, had made his debut in films with ‘Ivar Vivahitharaayaal’, a family entertainer that was liked much by the audience. And now, with his second film, ‘Happy Husbands’, he once again targets the family audience and to a great extent has succeeded in coming out with a film which would have a good run at the box office. Of course ‘Happy Husbands’ may not appeal to critics and those who are looking for serious stuff.

Mukundan Menon (Jayaram) runs a newspaper, Kerala Today and is very much a successful man, happily settled in life. He lives happy and contented, with a beautiful wife, Krishnendu (Bhavana). But Krishnendu always suspects her husband and even spies on him. Mukundan prefers to be truthful to his wife and at the same time he thinks he has a commitment towards the society and its morality. John (Jayasurya), who works as a photographer with Kerala Today, sees Mukundan as an elder brother. In fact it was Mukundan who had mentored John to a great extent. Mukundan has the habit of reminding John of this obligation too, whenever needed. Rahul (Indrajith), who is a friend to Mukundan and John, is a businessman and happily married to Shreya (Samvritha Sunil). Rahul anyway is a guy who likes being intimate with women and also knows how to hide it from his wife, in a very clever manner. In the meantime, Zarina (Vandana), who is the daughter of a retired DGP and a student of psychology, gets intimate with John and they both fall in love. They decide to get married too, of course with the blessings of Zarina’s parents and also Mukundan and Krishnendu, who are the only people John has got to call his own. It’s in the meantime that a bar dancer named Diana (Rima Kallingal) makes her entry into their lives and complicates things for Mukundan, Rahul and John and their lives. It all takes a rather funny turn from this point.

A family flick that’s intended for entertainment, that’s what ‘Happy Husbands’ is. There is nothing new or different, but it could very well go for time-pass. There is nothing outstanding or great about the movie. Well, I didn’t expect anything of that kind and went in for time pass stuff and hence it seemed OK for me.


Jayaram and Jayasurya suit their roles well, but it’s Indrajith who scores the most as Rahul. Of the heroines, Bhavana, Samvritha and Vandana suit their roles. Rima scores as Diana. Suraaj Venjaramoodu is his very usual self and scores with his brand of humour. Manianpillai Raju also gets to give a good performance. Salim Kumar, though he appears only in the post interval section, is his very usual self.

Technical aspects

Nothing much to speak about the technical aspects. Of course it could all have been better, but as such, it does suit the mood and the tempo of the film.


There is nothing special about the music. The songs don’t impress much. The makers could have put in some catchy and impressive songs, which would have made the film better, to a great extent. (It’s to be remembered that in his debut film, Saji Surendran had put in some good songs and had shot them in an excellent manner).


Krishna Poojapura, who like Saji Surendran, had come from the television after penning scripts for TV shows, tele-films and tele-serials, does a fairly good work of the script. But there are scenes that give us the feel of watching tele-serials and he has to improve on this aspect to an extent.


Saji Surendran is in full control of things. Moreover, when compared to ‘Ivar Vivahitharaayaal’, he has done better by not letting things lag (it all seemed to drag on and on towards the end of his debut film). It all goes in a fast pace and doesn’t test your patience much. But for those who had seen Saji Surendran’s earlier tele-films, his films may not at all be impressive.
Overall verdict- Nothing great! Time pass stuff!
Rating: 2.5/5

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