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Producer- Kasthuri.J
Director- Viji Tampy
Cast- Sharanya Mohan, Shilpa Bala, Mukesh, Vineeth etc.
Music- M.Jayachandran, Vinu Kiriyath
Lyrics- Bichu Thirumala
Cinematography- Sanjeev Shankar
Story, Screenplay, dialogues- Vinu Kiriyath

Review by : Unni /

Viji Thampy is a director who has proved himself adept at making different kind of movies. If he has made thrillers like ‘Satyameva Jayate’ and ‘Witness’, he has also made enjoyable entertainers like ‘Pidakozhi Koovunna Noottandu’, ‘Avittam Thirunaal Arogya Sreeman’ etc. This time, with ‘Chemistry’, he attempts a blend of the supernatural and investigation drama, which results in a film that’s rather unimpressive, and maybe Viji Thampy’s worst film ever.

‘Chemistry’ starts with three young girls, all students of a reputed school and close friends, committing suicide. The Superintendent of Police Sreekanth (Mukesh) comes in, to begin the investigations. But the academic year draws to an end with nothing much happening in the name of progress, in the investigations. The next academic year begins and young Parvathy (Sharanya Mohan), the niece of Sreekanth, getting admitted to the same school. Parvathy comes to stay in the same room in which Gauri (Shilpa Bala), one of the three girls who had committed suicide, had stayed. Very soon, strange things start happening in the school premises and things take a totally new turn.

There may not be anything new about the story that ‘Chemistry’ seeks to narrate, but still the film could have been impressive and thrilling, had it been scripted in a better manner and had the direction and editing been handled better. But as of now, ‘Chemistry’ fails to impress on all counts. It doesn’t thrill us in any way and neither does it entertain us. There are many loose ends that affect the totality of the film in an adverse manner. In total the film is rather callously made, especially since it comes from a director who has made taut, slick thrillers.


Sharanya Mohan, who had given an impressive performance earlier in the Tamil film ‘Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu’, looks good as Parvathy and does fair justice to the role. Shilpa Bala, who made her debut with ‘Orkkuka Vallappozhum’, is just about OK. Mukesh has nothing much to do and doesn’t impress us much. There’s nothing much to say about the performances of Vineeth, Jagathy Sreekmar, Harisri Ashokan, Vijayakumar, Suresh Krishna etc. Siddique is good, but his character doesn’t stand out or impress too much. Same about Manoj.K.Jayan.

Technical aspects

Nothing much to say about the technical features. It’s all average. The film had enough scope for technical excellence, but in a hurry to finish the film and get it released or maybe due to budget-related constraints and maybe due to a poor script, the technical aspects seem to have been neglected.


Background score by M.Jayachandran is OK and syncs with the mood. About the songs, composed by M.Jayachandran and one composed by Vinu Kiriyath, they don’t impress at all.


It’s the script that has played foul as far as ‘Chemistry’ is concerned. Vinu Kiriyath should either have handled the script with care and maybe he could have devoted more time to writing the script or better he could have had someone else do the screenplay and the dialogues too, which lack the much-needed ‘punch’.


Viji Thampy seems to have made ‘Chemistry’ in a very callous and hurried manner. The scenes are all mostly ill-conceived and shot rather poorly. The film could have been a good thriller, had Viji Thampy given better attention to the direction aspect and had it been scripted better. ‘Chemistry’ as such doesn’t thrill you at all.

Overall verdict- Unimpressive. Thriller that doesn’t thrill you.
Rating: 1.5/5

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