Breaking News Live Malayalam Movie Review

Breaking News Live Malayalam Movie Review

Producer- Ranjith Kumar

Director- Sudheer Ambalappad

Cast- Kavya Madhavan, Mythili, Vineeth, Mamookoya, Sukumari, Devan, Anoop Chandran etc.

Music- Mohan Sithara

Review by:Unni R Nair ( )


‘Breaking News Live’ is in fact a good film; but if you ask me what kind of impact it’s going to make- at the box office and on the viewers’ minds, I won’t have an answer. But nevertheless it’s a good film, a film which has at its base real good intentions, a film that addresses and discusses social and relevant issues and conveys a very serious and significant message. But the message, the intentions, and the relevance of the issues- all are likely to be lost, owing to a script that misses the mark. The structural incongruity of the movie too hampers the flow and affects the overall impact too.

Nayana (Kavya Madhavan) is a Management Student and the daughter of a retired army officer (Devan). The film begins with Nayana waiting for a train, then getting into the train when it arrives and then travelling in the train. Something that happens during that journey becomes sensational news. From this point we travel back in time and go into events that happened before that journey. Then, it’s back to the aforesaid train journey, during the course of which Sneha (Mythili), a girl from a poor family whose marriage is all set to happen and who had befriended Nayana recently, is attacked by a guy, who jumps off the train with her, intending to rape her. Nayana happens to see this happening. The rest of it forms the plot of the movie, revealing which wouldn’t be fair.

Well, the plot, the treatment isn’t bad. But it could have been better; in fact it should have been better. I liked the way the film discussed the two perspectives, but in between has crept in lots of gaps, which takes away from the totality of the film. There is a serious issue with the flow, with the continuity and that makes us less interested in the whole thing. The songs too are wrongly placed and affect the flow of the film. The humour element too doesn’t work out that well. The way the experts shown in the television shows behave and talk, it seems more like a caricature or farce than a serious movie…

In short, I’d say that ‘Breaking News Live’ is a good opportunity that has gone almost off the track due to wrong handling of the subject and the script.


Kavya has done a good job of her role. Mythili is also good. Vineeth doesn’t have much to do, but fits into his role. The others are all OK.

Technical aspects

Nothing much to say about the technical aspects of the film.


Background score is good; the songs, tuned by Mohan Sithara, are also good, but we just wonder whether all the songs were needed in the film…


The main issue with the film is the script. Penned jointly by G.Kishore and Sudheer Ambalappad, the script leaves much to be desired. There are loose ends that play foil with the well-intentioned move from the filmmakers’ side.


Sudheer Ambalappad, who has his own standing as a media guy, was expected to make a big impact with his debut directorial venture. But somehow that doesn’t happen. Not that his direction is weak, but it should have been better, considering the heaviness of the subject discussed. Let’s hope he gets better with his next film. Anyhow, filmmakers like him daring to do such different stuff is appreciable and kudos to the attempt…

Verdict- Good effort; but flawed script and treatment spoils the show…

Rating: 1.5/5

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