10.30 am Local Call Malayalam Movie Review

10.30 am Local Call Malayalam Movie Review

Producer- Priya Pillay

Director- Manu Sudhakaran

Cast- Nishan, Mridula Murali, Sreetha Sivadas, Lal, Kailash, Krishna, Manuraj, Anoop Chandran etc. 
Music- Gopi Sundar

 Review By : Unni R Nair (Kerala9.com )

‘10.30 AM Local Call’, to be honest, seemed surprisingly good to me. No high-profile stars in the cast, a director whose last film was not up to the mark and a precedence of many such films going the wrong way…one wouldn’t expect much out of a film like ‘10.30 AM Local Call’. But surprisingly, yes quite surprisingly, I am happy with the film, which seemed to me a rather tolerable and watchable flick…

‘10.30 AM Local Call’ tells the story of Alby (Nishan), who is an executive in an automobile company. A successful professional, he is happily married to Anne (Mridula Murali) and has as his friends Sub Inspector Roy Thomas (Krishna), political leader Jaishankar (Anoop Chandran) and businessman Vasudevan Namboothiri alias Vasu (Manuraj). The four of them have been pals since their college days.

One day Alby happens to see Nimmy (Sreetha Sivadas), who has been his lover in college and who had later married someone else. They meet a couple of times and Alby understands that Nimmy is now happily married to Vishnu (Kailash). But then one day Kailash dumps Nimmy and she calls up Alby to come and meet her at a bus stop. Nimmy explains things and Kailash asks her to stay at a home-stay when she finds her friend’s house locked up. But then, he can’t risk allowing her to stay alone and hence goes with her. They spend the night together and the next morning Alby wakes up to find Nimmy lying dead in a pool of blood in the bathroom. He flees the scene and remains silent on this. Very soon he gets a call on his phone, from an unidentified number. The caller (Lal) sends him a video, of Alby and Nimmy getting intimate and embracing each other and then Alby fleeing on seeing Nimmy lying dead. The caller threatens Alby with dire consequences if he doesn’t do what he says. He gives Alby instructions and tells his that now on, it would be a game for them…From here develops the plot…

I won’t say ‘10.30 AM Local Call’ is a must watch or that it’s great cinema. But it’s not bad; there are flaws, but those can be overlooked if you are interested in watching a decent thriller kind of flick. There is a flow, the story is narrated tolerably well and the performances are also OK. But if the script had been better and the performances much better, the film would have turned out to be a bigger success. As of now, ‘10.30 AM Local Call’ is watchable…that’s all I’d say…


Nishan does justice to his role. He seems to falter in some places, but over-all he is OK with his role. Mridula Murali is good, as Anne. Sreetha is not bad. Kailash looks different and good. Lal is also good. The rest of the cast are all OK.

Technical aspects

Nothing outstanding to note about the technical aspects. Krish Kymal does the cinematography part decently well.


Music by Gopi Sundar suits the theme of the movie and the songs also good.


Script by Arunnlaal is OK. There are issues with the dialogues at some places, but overall the story is narrated well and that makes the film watchable. The suspense too is kept intact till the end of the film…But still, I have to say that the script is just OK and could have been better…much better.


Director Manu has gone much better compared to his debut film, ‘Sandwich’. He is in full control. Hope he gets better with his next film and also that he chooses a better script and a better cast, which would ensure an even better and much more enjoyable film… All the best!!

Verdict- OK for a one-time watch!!

Rating: 2.5/5

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