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RDX Review: RDX is a must-watch film with high-octane actions, a brilliant action treat

  • ONE WORD: RDX is a must-watch film with high-octane actions, a brilliant action treat. 

•Language: MALAYALAM 

•Duration: 02 Hours 31 Minutes. 

•Genre: Action Thriller. 










1: The Story is predictable


The movie RDX commences with a Palli Perunnal, during which an altercation arises when Dony (Antony Varghese) comes across a group that engages in a dispute with his father, Philip (Lal). In response to this matter, the aforementioned group proceeds to assault Dony and his family during the late hours of the night, resulting in significant harm. This occurrence prompts Robert (Shane Nigam) and Xavier (Neeraj Madhav) to take action, leading to the reformation of the RDX team in order to seek revenge for this heinous act.


The film RDX was written and directed by the debutant Nahas Hidayath. Along with the director Nahas Hidayath, Adarsh Sukumaran wrote the screenplay and Shabas Rasheed wrote the dialogues for the film. The movie is produced by Sophia Paul under the production company of Weekend Blockbusters. Stunt choreographer duo Anbariv does the action sequences and Alex J. Pulickal does the cinematography. Chaman Chakko was hired to do the editing and Sam C.S. composed the music and background score for the film. With a running time of 151 minutes the film RDX is currently running in theatres as an Onam release with a U/A censor certificate. 

When the Onam movie lineup was announced, I initially had low expectations for RDX. I even questioned whether it could hold its own against the King of Kotha and Ramachandra Boss & Co. However, I was proven wrong and learned the valuable lesson of ‘never judging a book by its cover’. RDX is a must-see film that demands to be experienced on the big screen. Even an hour after leaving the theater, I am still under its spell. This movie is simply incredible, and I enjoyed every single moment of it. RDX has undoubtedly given me one of the most unforgettable and awesome theater experiences in recent memory. 

The film in question is a masterful execution of cinematic artistry because RDX has an exceptional direction, a brilliantly crafted screenplay, and dialogue that is capable of eliciting a thrilling response from viewers. The performances of each actor are characterized by a high level of energy, and the fight sequences are a veritable feast for action enthusiasts. While the story may be predictable, that’s the only minor flaw. Despite this, the predictability of the plot does not detract from the overall viewing experience, as the film possesses a commanding power that captivates every single viewer from beginning to end. The atmosphere in the theater was electric, with the audience fully engaged and expressing their enthusiasm through loud whistling, cheering, and clapping. The success of RDX can be attributed to its exceptional production values and well-crafted script, which effectively engage and captivate the audience.

The direction of Nahas Hidayath was exceptional, characterized by a passionate approach and a filmmaking style that exhibited a commendable level of quality. The direction maintained a consistent momentum throughout the film, without any instances of imbalance. The director’s vision was evident in his well-planned execution of the movie, which was tailored to the preferences of the audience. With the release of mass action movies in Tamil and Telugu, I had often wondered when the Malayalam film industry would produce such commercially successful films. The director Nahas Hidayath has answered this question through his film RDX.

The screenplay of RDX is an absolute masterpiece, deserving of thunderous applause. Every single scene was crafted with precision and adhered to the proper format, resulting in a fully immersive experience that kept me engaged from start to finish. The screenplay flowed seamlessly, following the story’s natural progression without a single moment of lag or boredom. The reasons behind each scene were expertly explained, leaving no room for doubt or confusion. The emotions conveyed in the screenplay were flawlessly executed, allowing me to connect with the characters and their experiences on a deep level. 

The relationship between the father and sons was particularly well-written, with actor Lal delivering a powerful performance as the father figure. Antony Varghese and Shane Nigam also shone in their roles as the sons, navigating through various challenges with authenticity and heart. The emotional bond between the three characters was palpable, and director Nahas Hidayath captured their love and affection in a way that truly resonated with me. Furthermore, the element of friendship was a crucial factor in RDX, with the characters played by Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav sharing a deep connection that was beautifully portrayed on screen. The way they united to solve their problems was executed with finesse, leaving me hooked and engaged throughout the film. So, RDX is a triumph of storytelling, with a screenplay that is both compelling and authentic. 

The movie’s first half is a masterful blend of present-day scenes and flashbacks. Right from the start, the film packs a punch with Antony Varghese’s first action sequence at the church festival. The story takes an unexpected turn, and the flashback scenes are revealed, all while we witness the romantic chemistry between Shane Nigam and Mahima Nambiar. I was worried that these scenes would drag on, but the director and writers expertly maintained the perfect flow. Nahas Hidayath and the scriptwriters portrayed the romantic scenes in a fair way, using them to propel the movie forward. The fight between the heroes and villains had a convincing and valid reason, making it more engaging. The characters were brilliantly written, with each one given ample space to perform. Vishnu Agasthya’s villainous character was exceptionally well-written and stands out as one of the best in recent Malayalam cinema.

The first half of the film concludes with a series of high-octane action scenes, which serve as a prelude to the main plot. The second half of the film is characterized by a mood of revenge, as the heroes seek to avenge themselves against their adversaries. The standout scene of the film is undoubtedly the confrontation between Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav against the villainous gang in the colony. The use of karate skills and the confidence of the three heroes in their ability to fight back against their foes is truly breathtaking. The tension of the action sequences is palpable, and I found myself biting my nails in anticipation at many moments. The boat fight sequences featuring Shane Nigam are particularly impressive, and the climax of the film is filled with captivating moments. I was literally getting goosebumps during the climax, which is characterized by massive and terrific actions. The moment in which Babu Antony enters the fray is particularly noteworthy, as his martial arts skills are truly spectacular and a treat to watch. I would like to extend my thanks to Nahas Hidayath and the writers for giving Babu Antony the much-needed screen space he deserves. The ending of the film is completely satisfying, and the tail-end action sequences left me doubly happy. 


RDX has the casting of Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam, Neeraj Madhav, Babu Antony, Lal, Vishnu Agasthya, Mahima Nambiar, Maala Parvathi, Baiju Santosh Kumar and many more. All the actors in the film did a great job, there are many actors in the film and I don’t know their names but everyone did an incredible performance especially the actors in the villain gang. Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam and Neeraj Madhav are the three heroes of RDX and three of them gave their best for their characters. Among the three of them personally, I loved Antony Varghese more. His way of fighting and the style he had in his punch was awesome. The dialogue delivery and expression of Antony Varghese was also notable. The facial expressions of Antony Varghese during the fight sequence and emotional scenes were intense. Shane Nigam also did a brilliant job. I was having doubts about whether he would be able to do the action sequences but he nailed it. His karate skills and the way he fights were impressive and the heroic feel was all over seen in his performance. Neeraj Madhav looked stylish with his long hair and did a terrific job of doing the action sequences. His Karate moves were so fast and his fighting style was so amazing to watch. The way Neeraj Madhav used Nunchuks (karate sticks) was shocking and it was like a really trained one. Three of them performed magnificently and it’s the best in their career. Lal as the father was a perfect choice and he did honestly. The emotional scenes were safer in his hands and the combination of scenes with Antony Varghese and Shane Nigam was touching. Vishnu Agasthya shined as the villain. I didn’t think he would perform in a flawless way, his intense look and the shades of villain were beautiful to watch. His character had given a tough fight and I’m sure in future he will get many good notable roles, he is such a talented actor. Mahima Nambiar as the heroine also performed well and the combination scenes with Shane Nigam worked well to set the romantic mood. Babu Antony in the climax portion delivered a massive action sequence and it’s one of the major highlights of RDX. Aima Rosmy Sebastian, Nishanth Sagar, Maala Parvathi and Baiju Santosh Kumar had crucial roles and everyone did justice to their respective characters. 


The musical work for the film is composed by Sam C.S. which includes the background score. The film has two songs and both songs are really good. The song “Halaballo’ sung by Benny Dayal, Ranjith K Govind, Naresh Iyer and Sam C.S. was powerful with stunning beats. The vocals of the singers were also matching for the song and the visuals of heroes doing action set the premise of a heroic feel. The lyrics of Manu Manjith were also fair and the words had the power to showcase a mass appeal. The song “Scene Mone” sung by Neeraj Madhav emphasizes the atmosphere of a rap vibe with a catchy tune and lyrics. The lyrics by the singer Neeraj Madhav had meaningful words and the spirit to give motivation. The way Neeraj sang the song is brilliant and the video released on YouTube with the visuals is a treat to watch. The song ‘Neela Nilave’ was an unexpected romantic track and loved the dance and combination scenes of Shane Nigam and Mahima Nambiar. 

As an action movie, the importance of the background score is crucial to set the impact and in RDX the composer Sam C.S. had given the right set of appropriate background tunes. Whenever the important scenes are taking place it has the backup of provoking tunes to give the right impact. In action scenes, the striking background score helps to lift the mood of the scene and while watching we will feel additional energy. All the background score used in the climax portion was impressive and helped to build the mood of tension and excitement. Emotional scenes had also the support of a good background score especially in the scenes of father-sons. 

The choreographer duo Anabriv also known as Anbumani and Arivumani was hired to do the action sequences and they gave the right thrilling and brilliant action sequences. I was stunned by seeing the action sequences in the film and I’m sure they can only choreograph such massive action sequences. They are the backbone of this film and it’s one of their best and finest works. The cinematography by Alex J. Pulickal was also tremendous because the camera movements and the placement of the camera had no single kind of error. The way the camera angles shift to another side was shocking and the sudden movements that were used in action sequences will blow your mind. The various camera angles, the closeup shots and the wide-angle frames were beautiful to watch. For every action movie a cameraman like Alex J. Pulickal is needed, great impressive work. The editing of Chaman Chakko was also crisp and clear, no sort of mismatches were felt and the transitions of scenes were also perfect. The running time of 151 minutes didn’t feel long and the proper editing helped for a smooth engaging watch. 


So overall, the film RDX gave me a massive and unforgettable theatre experience and I loved watching every single bit of the film. RDX is crammed with high-octane actions and I’m sure one will be engaged within the film. The direction of Nahad Hidayath was excellent and the script of the movie has the right components to attract anyone. Without any doubt, I will surely recommend RDX to everyone and kindly watch this energetic must-watch film on the big screen. RDX is a real example of an action treat and it’s one of the best commercial movies of this year, please don’t miss it. The real Onam winner is here, RDX 🔥



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