These things should remind before using eye liners

Eyes and the legs are the main beauty features in women. It is a good thing for girls to hear that her eyes looking good. It is important to take a look in the daily using of eye liner...

For beautiful lips

Rosy, soft lips are the dream of every woman, who cares seriously about her beauty. Cosmetic available in the market are only a temporary solution. Here are some natural tips for your lips. 1. Take two spoon lemon juice and...

Tomato and Beauty

Everybody knows that tomato is good for health. Then what about its role in charming your beauty? Here are some tips. 1. Combine 2 -4 drops of lemon juice with one spoon of tomato juice. Apply it on your face...

Tips to avoid early greying

Early greying of hair is a serious problem now. New generation hastely goes behind solutions like hair dyes, colouring etc.Here are some home made tips to have black hair. 1. Take some ginger and make it into paste . Then...

Beauty tips – Almond oil

1.For Charming skin tone: Apply some Almond oil on face,neck,hands and legs after bath.2.For fresh clean skin: apply almond oil on your body every day 3. For removing dark circles below eyes: Apply almond oil and gently massagethe portion daily before...

Skin tightening facial

It’s good for those having dry skin. You please put a lotus stem and rose petals in coconut oil for three days. Then massage your face from down to top using the oil. After 20 minutes remove the oil...

Tips to avoid pimples

1. Have some morning sunlight everyday 2. Keep your face clean 3. wash your face with boiled then cooled cumin water 4. Always use clean cotton to remove water or sweat from your face. 5. Include orange, gooseberry and lemon in your diet. 6....

How to Make Beetroot Ginger Curry

Beetroot-Ginger curry Ginger (sliced into small pieces)- ½ cupBeetroot (grated)- ½ cupShallots (sliced)- ¼ cupGreen Chilly (sliced)- 3Tamarind -10 gramJaggery -  10 gramSalt- requiredOil-1 tea spoonPreparation1.Saute ginger, beetroot ,shallots together and grind it well.2. Add some water to the paste...

Drink Pistachio added milk, for better health

Everyone knows that dry fruits are beneficial for health. Do you take milk with it? Make sure you get the best result. Using of pistachio added in milk and you will be able to know the benefits in one...

Carrot Shake

Ingredients Cooked carrot-2 Milk-2and half cups Condensed milk-half packet Vanila essence- half teaspoon Sugar-half cup Preparation 1. Grind the carrots, milk, condensed milk and sugar in the mixer 2.Add vanilla essence and serve it.
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Shaalin Zoya

Shaalin Zoya is a Southindian actress mainly in Malayalam Movies .Check out the latest pictures, pics, Shalin Zoya new...
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