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These things should remind before using eye liners

Eyes and the legs are the main beauty features in women. It is a good thing for girls to hear that her eyes looking good. It is important to take a look in the daily using of eye liner on your eyes.

1. It should select the quality product of the branded company. It is best to take good companies because the eye is very sensitive to allergies.

2. First try eye liner at the small style, if it cause any problem that company eyeliner should be avoided frm your makeup set.

3. It is not advisable to use someone eye liner as well. It will cause to many eye infection.

4. Always choose the eyeliner as the nature of your eyes. Try to use brush type eye line those who has soft eye lid.

5. If they are constantly using kajal on below the eye, it is better to use Kajal type.

6. Makeup on the night before bedtime should be removed.

7. Always use waterproof eyeliner. so that the eye liner could not be dissolved in the sweat.

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