Homoeo treatment is available for sunburn

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Homoeo firms are in favor of serious illnesses caused by sunburn. Medications can be obtained from homeopathic hospitals for sunburn and burning problem.

The radiation from the Sun will eventually destroy the body cells. This can lead to dehydration and heat, pimple (miliaria). Drink at least three liters of water a day to prevent dehydration. Alcohol, tea, coffee, or colas should be avoided. Use of fruits and vegetables salted water, tender coconut water can be used. The use of light colored loose cotton fabrics will protect the heat.Sunstroke is caused by burns cause pain and smoke. The symptoms of sunburn are pain along with the pain of the skin. Some people have a fever, vomiting, and cold. The primary treatment of the body is cooling. The patient who has to heal every day with cold water must be taken to the hospital to be treated immediately.