The covid vaccine is not effective against the delta variant: WHO

Center allocates more Covid vaccine to states

Washington: The World Health Organization (WHO) says the coronavirus vaccine is not effective against the delta variant. However, it can protect against the risk of death and serious illness. The World Health Organization’s epidemiologist says that multiple mutations reduce the effectiveness of vaccines against the coronavirus.

The Delta Plus variant is derived from a mutation in the Delta variant found in India. The dominant forms of the virus have a biological advantage, which is mutation. Thereby these forms are very easily spread among the people. Mutations cause the effect of the less infectious form to diminish and the more infectious form to dominate.

When it comes to delta form, it can affect people who have received half the dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. That is why it is so prevalent. According to Public Health England, two doses of Pfizer vaccine protect up to 88% of patients, while those receiving the same dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine protect only 33.5%.