The oxygen shortage may occur in Kerala too: KK Shailaja

K K Shailaja -

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister KK Shailaja said that there is a possibility of oxygen shortage in Kerala as the spread of Covid is increasing. He added that there has been a huge increase in the spread of Covid in Kerala.

The minister said that the number of tests in Kerala has been increased. The Center has been asked to increase the dose by 50 lakh. If the vaccine is not available, mega vaccination will stop, ”said KK Shailaja.

At present in Kerala, 89 percent of people have not been affected by Covid. However, the minister said that Covid could be affected by any number of people if it is not taken care of as it is a densely populated state in the new situation.

The Minister said that the number of Covid victims has increased in Kerala after the elections and the coordinated resistance of all departments will be strengthened. So far 1.39 crore Covid inspections have been conducted in the state. He added that the inspections would be further intensified. About 2.5 lakh Covid tests are available tomorrow. There are currently 54,425 Covid patients in the state, he said.