Kayamkulam thermal power plant closed indefinitely

Kayamkulam thermal power

Alappuzha: The Kayamkulam thermal power plant has been closed indefinitely. Power generation using the remaining naphtha fuel was completed last night. Naphtha will no longer be stored in the project area to run the plant. With this, the possibility of the thermal power plant running longer is fading.

KSEB has not been purchased electricity from Kayamkulam Thermal Power Station for seven years. As the price of naphtha is higher, so the price of electricity generated from Kayamkulam is also high.

The Electricity Board has agreed to purchase power from March 1 to complete the remaining naphtha operation and purchase one million units of electricity. Finished with the naphtha leftover from yesterday. NTPC no longer collects naphtha, informed by the authorities.

Only 225 metric tons of naphtha are left at the plant. It cannot be pumped and used as it is at the very bottom of the tank. It is likely to be useless, reports said.